How r we all??

Hello *waving* :lol:

Im CD 11 today and am having a better day image Due to OV soon and getting excited image image image

I have been on a diet for 14 days and i have lost 12lb image Very happy image
I really hope that losing weight will bring that BFP.
I have been doing opk's and following the smep ish as OH wasnt up for it yer2day as he workd early so BD 2nite for us.
Hows everyone doing??

Gems xxxxx image


  • *waves back*

    I am OK...currently 16dpo, tested yesterday but BFN but have got different symptoms this month so keeping my fingers crossed there might still be hope. (.)(.) are so sore this month, been v thirsty, headaches, tired, & early but light AF cramps so I just really, really hope its BFP.

    Trying to hold out until Monday morning before I test again as thats when AF is due. Supposed to be giving blood on Wednesday so I need to know before the nicest possible way...I would love to tell them I cant do it image

    Feeling quite positive & if AF does come, we'll just try again!

    x x x
  • Gems I am so proud of you hun for sticking with the weight loss and doing so well image I am sure that you will be getting your BFP soon babe x
  • *curls* hello my af was 3 weeks late this montha and i read so much info and found its quiet normal not to get bfp till after af is due so hold out and best of luck hun x

    Beth+B... Thank you its been hard not to eat :lol: I am hoping it will work and can have that BFP i have waited so long for xxxx
  • Hello!
    Well I am on CD 2 of our second month TTC. AF started yesterday and is my first ecperience of AF arriving when I really didn't want it too!
    I feel ok about it as I knew that this TTCing can take a while.
    Gembags that is an amazing amount to loose! I am still trying to motivate myself after all of the christmas food image
    Good luck for Monday curls!
    I am feeling positive and looking forward to lots of BD'ing this month!!

  • Thank MrsCake...its really nice having lots of support & I will let you all know whatever happens!

  • Im CD6 right now and so excited for getting closer to OVing.
    Gembags i cant believe how well you are doing-thats great.
  • Oooo mrs cake we're on the same cycle day! Good luck image xx
  • Good luck to you too Pickle! How long have you been TTC?
    I wish I could speed up the next week!
  • Well its been 8 months now since my mmc but we havent been trying properly that whole time, had to take a break cos the pressure got too much and OH was poorly. But starting again now, but with a relaxed approach haha! Good luck to u too! xx
  • HI ladies,

    sorry to but a downer at the thread, but I actually pretty shite :cry: not quite sure why to be honest except that I'm on CD20 today of my first cycle since my mc and I still have no peak on my CBFM. I know that there's still a good chance that I have without it being picked up, but to be completely bother, I really can not be a$$ed with even bothering to BD! Yet, if my AF arrives I'm going to be gutted, where's the logic in that?!

    Sorry for a self wallowing post but I'm in on my own and have only you ladies and those on TTC after mc/ectopic to talk to

  • hi girls. gembags well done for the weight loss you are doing fab. im not sure what cd im on coz im chilling this month. we got a new bed today so def be bd tonight hoping the new bed will bring me my valentines bean.lolxx
  • Hello! Wow, gembags, that's have you done that?? Wish I could find some motivation to lose weight!! I worked so hard to lose a stone and a half for my wedding last summer but since then I've just been enjoying my food too much!!!
    I'm on my first ever 2 week wait!! Finding it very strange but also quite excited!! I don't want to get my hopes up though because since I came off the pill last September I've only had one AF and this is the first time I've picked up ovulation so I know chances of it happening first time are very slim!! I'm just happy to know that things are working though and that we are ttc properly now!
    Good luck to everyone image xx
  • Hi gembags congrats on the weight loss hun thats great news.

    I am CD22 of a 35-40 cycle so am a few dpo but not sure how many, trying to remain calm this month and not POAS early or SS!!! yey right who am I kidding? LOL xx
  • Hi Gemabags, OMG hun you must be soo pleased with yourself! Thats nearly a stone!!!

    Babydust and stickglue all round xxx
  • hi gembags, congrats on the weightloss thats fab! i havn't been on here for a while, but now on month 5 of ttc, its so nice to see some familiar people still on here, lots of baby dust to you all, and lets hope 2010 brings us all a little bean xx
  • HIya Gembags- that is amazing well done. Im kinda trying to keep my weight up which is good as im still in christmas eating mood and just had a bfn (17dpo, no sign of af) so ive had a few pre roast dinner Lindor chocs. If my af does show- and im still hoping for a shy bean- it will be month 6 of ttc which is getting me a bit down if im honest. I know others here have been trying a lot longer and i feel awful moaning, I knew it wouldn't be quick but i just feel that everyone else around me gets pg straight away. Oh well, Babydust for all in 2010 xxx
  • Hay all, I still have lots of pma but looking forward to a pos opk image
    I have to lose weight before my doc will look into anything about ttc so long its been 17months and i am starting to worry.

    BFP's all the way ladys image image image

    gembags xxxx
  • gembags, congrats on the amazing weight loss hun - you are doing brilliantly. what diet are you following, if you are. I need to lose 5/6 stone...and need to do it whilst ttc. ive been exercising all weekend and feeling proud of myself but dont want to ruin by eating crap!!! any advice? xx
  • Gembags thats incredible! Well done!

    My BMI is about 24/25 ... does loosing a bit of weight help with BFP?

    I am 10dpo today and not feeling too bad, just waiting until wednesday to test. This is mth 8... lucky number in china?! (I am grasping at straws!)

  • I have no idea if weightloss helps but i was dieting when i get my bfp in june (mc) and i had been dieting in aug when i get another bfp (mc) so i am hoping this time lucky.

    When i got my bfp with my boy i had just done WW and was 4 stone lighter.

    So i am really hoping thistime i stick with it and i get that BFP image

    Good Luck babydancer fingers crossed for lucky number 8 image

    gems x
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