Painful Ovulation...?

I think this is what I am experiencing - I have recently had two miscarriages so my cycles are totally up in the air - still waiting for first AF since miscarriage 4 weeks ago... I am wondering if the pain that I am having in my right side.. is due to ovulation...?! It hurts when I pee.. ie sit on the loo (sorry tmi) when I first get up from sitting down... and then I can occassionally feel when I am just sitting...
Has anyone else felt this ??


  • I get sharp pains in my side but it doesn't hurt when I pee. Sure you haven't got a urinary infection? x
  • when I pee - its not the peeing that hurts but the position.. if that makes sense..!!
  • Oh then yeah that is what I get. Sometimes the sharpness makes me double over but when you are sitting you feel like you need to stretch. I am no expert at this and only seem to have noticed it since I have been ttc and I suppose more aware of it but I think ov pains seem to me to be the only sensible explanation or wishful thinking! They always come at the right time of the month!
  • Hi hun I am having the same thing, it feel heavy when i sit to pee and walking this morning felt funny. I have just come off the pill so never noticed OV pains before did not even know you could get them??

    It feels heavy.

    k xxx
  • thank you so much for answering... I am so pleased that I am not on my own..! I know that's mean but nice to know that I am not on my own..!! I had some ov sticks left over from before... not that I am meant to even be thinking about ttc'ing until August..!! but I peed on it last night and again this morning and the second line was pretty faint..! so I guess it definately is Ov..!
    Hope you both feel better soon.. xx
  • i've had extreme tenderness round my ovary area for days now (i have been ovulating) and i'm glad its gone today as it was a continual pain and not one that comes and goes.
  • Yep, I've had pain too. Seem to have it on the build up to ov (see my post), think I've just ov now, as lots of EWCM over the last 24hrs and the pain has now gone.
  • Mine hurts when i walk as well just walked back to work from lunch at it was sore!! i have never had this before, god the things we go through xxx
  • mine is definately getting better - which is a relief... do you think it means I have ovulated or am about to... I am not ov testing yet as I can't try again until August.. but I am just trying to get in tune with my bod..!!
  • Mine sytill hurts boo hoo does it stop once you have OV then?? Or does it hurt just before you OV?

  • I am exactly the same. Never felt it before. I know what you mean by when you sit on the loo. With me, the only way I can describe it is my lower abdomen feels full. If I move a bit quick I can feel it and if I lay down and gently press my lower abdomen it feels tender.
    Could this mean im ovulating. Ive never had it before.
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