Sorry TMI - CM question......

Does creamy CM mean anything> Sorry it's TMI but I have been getting it for about 1 1/2wks!

I don't have a clue about all the different CM's and what they mean!!

Any help / advice would be appreciated image


  • By no means an expert, but get ready for tmi! As far as I'm aware the only cm that means anything is ewcm. This is stretchy between the fingers and is when you will be/are ov.
    Cm comes and goes through the cycle. Sometimes a lot of cm could be in relation to an infection, I'd go to the drs if it's worrying you. Where are you in your cycle? xx

  • Hi Mithical

    thanks for your reply. I am not worried about it as I know it isn't an infection eg: thrush etc!! I just wondered if it had any significant meaning!!

    I don't know where I am in cycle. i had withdrawal bleed from pill and am now on CD36!! No AF!! Nightmare!!
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