What can I take for my cold?

Hi girls

So I am bunged up with a cold - sore throat, sinuses are up and runny eyes/nose. I don't really want to take proper medicines, just in case, but is there anything else I can have?

I was in Boots this morning looking at Olbas Oil and the instructions that that pregnant ladies should consult their doctor before taking it! Good grief! I would feel so silly going to my doctor to ask that, when I only MIGHT be pregnant!!!


  • Maybe ask the pharmacist and say that you are trying for a baby. I'm sure they would be able to help you and have been asked the question before xx
  • the advice for pregnant women is honey and lemon glycerine of homemade hot honey and lemon, paracetamol, and vicks, so if there is a possibilty ur pregnant then this wld be the advice to follow, no aspirin, no cold and flu relief, no ibuprofen....and karvol wld be fine on a hanky nr ur bed, but its not advisable to sniff it directly or stick ur head over a bbwol of steaming karvol, a bowl of plain hot water vapours wld be fine tho. hth xx
  • I had a horrid cold in my 2ww before my BFP. All the medicines I read said either don't take if pregnant or consult a doctor. So i spoke to the pharmacist and she basically said to take paracetomol only.

    It worked fine, stayed in bed, kept warm and drank plenty of warm drinks and it cleared up in a normal amount of time.

    Glad I did stick to paracetomol just in case as I got my BFP that cycle

  • Aw Mrs PP84- thats so lovely, maybe it was like your body 'just knew'?!!

    x x x
  • I am 27+5 and got a cold last week... all they would give me was some nasal spray which worked like a charm and cleared up my nose so that I could at least breath!!
  • yeh think your right homefairy - I just kinda had a feeling I shouldn't - 'just in case'

    Glad I didn't now image)

  • Good ideas girls, thanks - it didn't cross my mind to ask the pharmacist, doh!
  • hi hun, go to bed with boiling lemonade and paracetamol, thats what im having for my virus image/ im trying not to take much and the doc didnt want to prescribe anything unless it gets v bad.get well soon xx
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