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the feel good post!

Hi girls, well i thought it might be a good idea for everyone to share just 1 thing that made u feel good we can read and laugh and feel better...what do u think??? might keep us off thinking about ttc all the time....(maybe) lol

my "feel good" feeling today was when we put our xmas decorations up with our little girl!!!! i got it all on tape (its the first time she????s understanding xmas properly as she????s 2 and a half now) Elisa looked soo cute hanging the decorations on the tree herself! awwww bless! (the tree was in a right state though....image)it was a really happy feeling!!! ohhh and i also felt good when i had some chocolate! :lol:

anyone else felt good about something today???

++++++babydust everyone!! ++++++++++


  • I was told by my boss that im doing an EXCELLENT job which was lovely and then i came home and DH said he was eternally grateful to have me as a wife! and thinks im amazing! aaaaaahhhh so now,(i shouldnt be), but im having one glass of wine - its lovely and relaxing!!!

  • I've had a really awful day to day and have been in tears most of the day so my dh bought me some thorntons chocolate lollipops to cheer me up! yum!
  • Im excited about xmas!!!!! I found the perfect pressie for my hubby today. i know its not much but things like that make me happy
  • I offered to do voluntary work at my local toddler group yestersday and i started today. Its in a church but im not religous or anything, their just such a lovely bunch of people that when i heard they needed help i thought 'i have loads of time on my hands why not?'. So I went in eary today got all the toys, chairs & tables out, set up an activity for the children and stayed behind when all the mums and their toddlers went home to put it all away. The Lady in charge, was so grateful for my help and even more so when i offered to help with the christmas party, they really appreciated it as have been desperate for weeks.
    Its ideal for my daughter too as I already take her mondays & thursdays and she helped put the toys away. When the session was on I was able to chat to my friend and look after Felicity as if I was there normally.
    It made me feel good to help without getting anything back.
    When I told OH he said he is really proud of me too! x x
  • Fiona! that is a GOOD DEED! im proud of you too!!! what a lovely thing to do!

  • well i outdid myself today at work and feel proud of myself for doing that as was feelin really horrible today cause im all spotty grrrrr im public facing as well so keepin a smile when feelin horrible is really hard sometimes

  • come on saint bertie! something nice must have happened! even if it was just a smile from someone!!! ???? well u came on here to chat to us thats nice enough (lol) .....
  • I had my hair done today and feel much better about myself. Have been down last few days as am still awaiting af. Felt much more relaxed this month too. Plus LO is 4 and will really appreciate xmas this year and is practicing for nativity at nursery(he's playing a shepherd). Filo x (sprinkling xmas babydust for all those mission xmas bfps)
  • This topic is great i feel so uplifted and excited about christmas and positive about life. Isnt it strange how the littliest things do that. Normally if one thing p***es me off im in a bad mood all day x
  • you????re right fiona86..the smalest things can meke u feel bad all day ! this is why we have to think about the good things so we forget the bad! sending lodas of babydust to you xxx
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