Ovulation pain what does it feel like?

Can anyone who gets ov pain describe what it feels like, please. I know not everyone gets it! I had a dull pain on my right between lady bits and belly button this am, it slowly got worse until it was a sharp pain, now its gone!! Do you think it was ov pain?? xx


  • Forgot to say im on cd14 but think i ov on cd20 so havent started my ov sticks yet! xx
  • you beat me too it debbiemc,i was going to post about this :lol: i would also like to know what it feels like,hopefully someone will let us both know

  • Mine is one side or the other-mainly left for some reason. It is a dullish pain low down that increases to quite a sharp pain and then suddenly goes. It feels a little like I want to have my bowels open-sorry if tmi! It usually lasts from 2-4 hours and after it goes so does my ewcm, or at least its gone by the next day. Hope this helps.xx
  • Thanks hjanea, i think thats what i had yesterday and oh was too tired!!!!! xxx
  • Oh no- can you get him to oblige this morning?!?
  • No lo is up, cry, cry xx
  • Oh no. I want to suggest you do what I have to do, send him off with a pot and then put it in yourself- but dont suppose thats very practical!!!lol!!!
  • Mine feels a lot like AF pains to be honest, but they are more noticeable in one side - presumably because you ovulate out of one thingy!
    Good luck with BD!!!

  • He, He, i dont think he would be too happy about that! xx
  • I get lots of cm, and then get a dullish pain for about an hour and then a sharp pain (the right side this month!) abit like when you move when you have a 'stitch' it last a couple of hours and then goes. When i was younger it used to be REALLY bad, could hardly move, and docs out me on pill. Hope this helps xx
  • Mine's a lot like that too - feels like I've pulled a muscle... Sometimes have to take paracteamol its so bad - like this month cos it coincided with a 26-mile bike ride (I know, I'm mad - OH's idea...) But what I'm not sure of is whether the pain comes before, during or after OV? Cos kI first get ewcm about 3 days before the pain (sorry if tmi). Anyone know?

    (Hope I've done this right - first post!! )
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