Really early symptoms or my imagination?

Hi All

This is going to sound strange but over the last 3 days have had periods of feeling really sick.

We only bd once this month, and it was 3 days before ov (is this too early to have conceived??)

Last two cycles have given really bad ov pains on left hand side and am a bit worried may be endometriosis returning (had an op for this 3 years ago and up until having lo in Jan, periods and ov pains been unnoticeable, however the two visits I have had from AF since giving birth have been free of pain, but really bad ov pains two weeks before.

I know it sounds like a long shot, however bd a bit earlier than ov date when I fell pregnant with lo

Anyone give me any advice - AF not due until 18th so I know too early to test



  • Hi Mandy, didn't want to r&r.

    To me it sounds like there could be a possibility you are pg. (Not sure if this is good news or not?)

    Your egg only lives about a day or two, but little swimmers can live for 3 to 5 in the female body if they get past the cervix. So basically, they could have been still around when you ov'd.

    Hope this helps, we are here if you have any other questions, or just want support. xx
  • thanks for replies so far ladies - we are ttc as soon as poss so lo's are close in age so will be good news if we are

    Feel sick again today and a little light headed at times (currently on high dose of blood pressure tablets due to high BP from week 25 of last pregnancy and it has come down compared to what it was - only prob is if I am pregnant, bp will come down quickly at the start anyway so this, coupled with the 800mg of labetalol I am currently taking a day could be the reason for light headed incidents???

    Quite excited really - may have to go buy a CBD and test middle of next week (If I can wait that long! and testing earlier obviously worked for you SB)

  • HI Mandy, I do think your symptoms sound positive!
    in some case sperm can live in the correct conditions for up to 7 days! Oh er!!! as you conveived your last baby bding a bit before ov anything is poss! Your pains 2 wks before your af could be Mittelschmerz.
    I have found this on the web:

    About 20% of women experience mittelschmerz, or pain associated with ovulation. The pain may occur just before, during, or after ovulation.

    There are several explanations for the cause of this pain. Just prior to ovulation, follicle growth may stretch the surface of the ovary, causing pain. At the time of ovulation, fluid or blood is released from the ruptured egg follicle and may cause irritation of the abdominal lining. Mittelschmerz may be felt on one side one month, then switch to the opposite side the next month, or it may be felt on the same side for several months in succession.

    The pain is not harmful and does not signify the presence of disease. In fact, women who feel this pain may be at an advantage when planning or trying to avoid pregnancy. A woman is most likely to become pregnant just before ovulation, on the day of ovulation, or immediately after ovulation. However, birth control methods that rely solely on predicting ovulation are far from completely reliable.

    ....good luck testing and I hope you have got your BFP!xxx
  • star -Thanks for posting that, it was really helpful. Wondered why I have pain all the time! Must be getting it before, during and after ov. Oh joy! xx
  • LOL mithical! ...sounds like fun?!
  • Thanks for the info Star

    Will see what happens next week - fingers crossed x

  • star - oh yeah it's great! Had nothing except af pain when was on the pill. Now this most of the time! xx
  • Oops posted twice, as reply didn't seem to come up first time round! Never round! :lol:image:roll:

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  • I never get any OV pain not that I remember having any before I started my pll I will have to keep an eye out for it.

    It does sound like you could be PG honey, let us know image

    K xx
  • Quick update - went and bought a twin pack of boots cheapy pregnancy tests today to do test middle of week, however guess I've caught the bug from all the POAS addicts and did a test this afternoon - got BFN however AF not due until next Sunday so still early days I suppose (was trying to take a leaf out of SB's book by testing early as it worked for her)

    Will have to hang on until later in the week to test again (if I can stand the suspense or will end up spending a fortune on tests!)

  • sorry to hear it was bfn but maybe too early for hormone so test again when af due x
  • Well AF looks to have found me this morning (4 days earlier than I expected so only 24 day cycle this month - never had one this length before, always been 28 days)

    To be honest it was a long shot with us only bd'ing once 3 days before OV so not too disheartened. Me and OH will have to try harder this month to joing the Operation Valentine Bubba brigade (may be a good omen seeing as our wedding anniversary is Valentines Day)

    Got my fingers crossed for everyone elses BFP's in the next few days

    Mandy xx
  • Sorry she found you Mandy. Good luck for next month!!xx
  • Keep the PMA up, will be lovely if you get your Valentine's baby! xx
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