New to chat room and 'trying'

I'm new to the chat room and currently trying with my husband for our first baby..would welcome any tips. Not sure if I'm being too sensative but i do feel different in myself this week, could be because I'm concerntrating on this so much. Symptoms are: nausea, tiredness, backache, some stomach cramps.


  • Hi and welcome Louise. I hope that your symptoms are real ones-its very easy to imagine them-believe me we've all done it. i think its because its something that you want so much and things that you feel normally but just dismiss take on new potential meaning.
    I don't know if you know when you ovulate or are just timing bding (sex) for the middle area of your cycle?
    I hope you get your bfp(big fat positive) soon.
  • Hi Helen
    Thanks for replying image
    I'm soo new to all of this. I don't really know where to start, i've gone onto one of those ovulation calculators, and we've been trying in my most fertile period, so everything crossed. I'm not even sure when to do a test, I'm complete beginner on this. Also found it very emotionally hard so far, really want to get excited but also don't want to feel disapointed, but what will be will be. Have you had a nice weekend? it's been scorching here.
    Louise x
  • You can use ov sticks, look at your cm(cervical mucus) as it becomes wetter and then like egg white as you get to ovulation. Some people also take their basal body temperature-first thing when you wake up but this only tells you when you have oved as the day after your temperature goes up.
    To be honest though all these things make it much more obsessive and for many people turn sex into a chore. Perhaps just watch out for your mucus changing as a sign that you are entering your fertile period.
    As for testing a lot of people test early. I can't really afford to do this and I had a chemical pg (very very early miscarriage)last year that I wouldn't have known about as my period (af) came 5 days late so now I try not to but its very tempting to know. It is hard not to test though and we all tend to get more tense as the 2 week wait comes to an end and we find out whether we are pg or not.
    Its been hot here too-my daughter starts school in september and we went to the school summer fayre yesterday. Today we've been to a thing at her dads school(hes a teacher) and she finally plucked up the courage to go on a bouncy castle for the first time ever-we couldn't get her off it after that!!
  • Hello Louise and welcome to BE. Just wanted to wish you good luck in ttc your first baby and I hope that your bfp is just around the corner image x
  • hi Louise good luck. This is a great place to come for help if you have any questions... there's not much somebody on here wont have already been through!

    Good luck and hope to see your BFP post soon!

  • hi louise i am also new to this site me and my new hubby have just started trying. Hope everything goes well for u and ur bfp is just around the corner.
  • hi Louise - Just joined on here as well and hoping for our BFP soon.
    Best of luck to you!!

  • Hi All,
    Hope you're all well and had a lovely weekend? it's been gorgeous here in Cambs, although a little bit of rain today, but it's stopped now.
    How are you all getting on?
    Is anyone using a fertility kit and can anyone fill me in on the abreviations on here, struggling to know what things mean !
    Helen, the fayre sounds lovely, we have one next week in our village, but we're on holiday. I love fayres !
    I've had a funny two weeks, my hormones have been all over the place, I've been really irratable/stressed and generally not myself. I don't think I am pregnaunt because i'm getting symptoms for time of the month. I'm due on Thursday but I think it's going to come early because I've been quite stressed at work. Have decided to look for another job when I get back from hols, probably not the best time to look, but can't put up with the stress it causes.
    I'm off to get some more holiday bits packed, really looking forward to going away and getting some sun and relaxation.
    Take care all,
  • hi loukay, just wanted to say hi and welcome to ttc. Im due on next week so also waiting to see if we have been successful. We are ttc no 2 and its our 2nnd month of trying. Hope the symptoms pay off and its a pos result for
  • Hi Angel, good luck to you for this week. I'm feeling pre-men at the moment, just waiting for it to happen really, so I'm a bit sad image
    but had a feeling it wouldn't be that simple for us to conceive in the first month. Looking forward to the month ahead now and more fun !
    any nice plans for the week ahead?
    Louise x
  • Hi Loutay and welcome to this lovely site.

    Everyone is very supportive on here, and we've all been through this process together, so we celebrate the great news and we share the sadness when things dont go to plan too.

    TTC can seem a bit overwhelming especially when you are starting out, the main thing is to take folic acid, and to start to work out when you ovulate.

    As for the rest, try to relax and enjoy. Some of us have been at this lark for months, and have found ways to try to cope with the emmotional rollercoaster, so do just ask if you need support or help

    and very best of luck x
  • Hello LouTay
    I'm a newbie here too and am on my 3rd month of TTC.
    I was due on at the end of last week and did a POAS on Friday but a BFN. Still no AF today... have told myself I can test again on Thursday this week if nothing arrives by then, but I need some will power - am SS like a good'un :lol:
    Good luck to you and all the other ladies too
  • Hi and welcome Lou and MrsEsBee. As manalogirl says this is a real rollercoaster but it's nice having some girls on here to talk to about it. I really hope it happens for you both soon xxx
  • Thank you KayeCee
    Am just about to post an update...!
  • Hello im new to this site and have a couple of questions .Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for about 6 months now and I was on Birth Control for about 5 years and got off in November  I'm not sure if thats why it's taking a while and this past two months my periods seem a little heavier and I get cramps in the early morning when I used to never get them so I'm just looking for tips 

  • NevaS sounds like its just you getting your normal periods as BC keeps them short and easy cycles but when you come off your body needs a while to work out its natural cycle but your BC shouldn't cause any problems with TTC once your off it hun x

  • Hello all. Never spoken to anyone online before. Feel abit nervous. wev been trying fot a baby for almost 3 years now. Iv been to the hospital for a lot of check ups and they have come back cLear as well as my husbands. We have an appointment at the hospital next week to see what our options are. Just thought it would be nice to speak to people going through what I am as its really hard x

  • Hi my name is rachele and my story is quite similar to yours Louise. Me and my partner are trying for our first baby and well i've only recently had my contraceptive implant removed and i've been bleeding n and off for the past 3 week. i don't know if any of you women have came of contraception and experienced this weird bleeding. I'm only 20 years old but me and my partner have this urge for a baby and we want nothing more then to be a mummy and a daddy. i find myself up nearly all night researching about ways of falling pregnant and whether this bleeding is normal, am i going crazy? or is this normal? please help me girls....

    Thanks all my best wishes to all of you, Rachele xx

  • Hi everyone, has anyone used the Siemens clinitest? There are 3 windows C R T all 3 have lines does this mean positive or negative? This is a hospital test that is usually read with a machine reader but can be read at home but I have no instructions? 

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