OV dates

Sorry if this sounds silly but it's our 1st months of ttc no2 and we were really lucky with dd we made her on honeymoon so no real ttc planning. Anyhow my 1st day of my last af was 19th June (12 days ago) so when should we actually be doing it :\?? I know there will be seperate websites showing all this but though you ladies would point me in the right direction. Not sure of all the abreviations on here for ttc yet. Thanks x

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  • hiya, do u no how long ur cycles are? i would say start bd'ing everyother day as of now, and more if u can manage it for the next wek or so? xxxx
  • Thanks for replying, usually 28 days bang on but maybe the pill regulated that, just stopped taking it this month, will do as you say OH will be delighted!
  • lol good luck xxxxxxxx
  • Hi! the phase between your period and ov usually starts at about 14 days so now would be a good time if you are unsure or you could start with ov sticks etc if you want to know exactly when your ov'ing... Alot of ladies on here tend to have long cycles coming off the pill so you may have to factor that in too for a month or two. Maybe you'll get lucky first time around again!!! x
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