I think I'm out this month :-(

Well af turned up this morning on time as usual. Although she is a little bit light at the moment, I am sure she is here to stay for the next few days. Really thought this month was it, with the brown spotting from CD 22.

Good luck day dreamer and Mithical for testing this weekend. Keep us posted.

Plan of action for next month: going to Boots to get Dh on supplements, and I have asked him to not drink the weekend before I ov. Do you think this will help?

On a positive note, at least she has had the decency to turn up at the start of the bank holiday weekend, so am thinking of having some glasses of wine.

However, I'm 36 so age isn't on my side. I really want to get bladdered. However, as I have been off alcohol for the last few months (except pint cider during last af), do you think I should still be cautious on how much I drink?



  • Think it wont take as much as it used to if you havent had any for a while!!!
    Sorry that she's found you, enjoy your weekend despite it and hope you get your bfp next month!!xx
  • Oh honey, I'm so sorry image

    I was hoping last night it wasn't a real AF as it was so light....until I woke up halfway through the night!!!

    I'd think less alcohol would be beneficial. And less for you to get drunk too!!

    *raises glass* Here's to a good weekend lovely x x
  • Sorry to heat that sevans, I am still getting tinged cm so fully expect to be joining you with that glass of wine later today/tomorrow x
  • I am sorry she found you babe image You enjoy a little drink this weekendimage

  • Thanks Ladies - you have been really kind. I'll try and keep my alcolhol intake low this weekend.

    Gypsy - just noticed you are next due 20th June - and so am I, can we be test buddies next month?

    Day dreamer - Im keeping my fingers crossed for you honey.
  • Hi sevans, sorry she turned up.

    I might not test this weekend, PMA is at an all time low. I'm now convinced I'm just having withdrawal from the pill symptoms - despite so many people feeling I could be pg. I will probably just wait and see if the witch visits, and test mid-week if not.

    Good luck sevans and gypsy for the coming month, and fingers crossed day dreamer. xx
  • Sorry you are feeling low Mithical. May be best to wait and see if af arrives as a neg test would probably make you feel worse.

    So far today, my af has been very like the brown stuff I have had for the last 6 days. Apart from first thing this morning, I haven't wiped any. So, hopefully af still won't come on full (but I know she will be Sunday).
  • Why do you think she'll be in full flow Sunday? xx
  • sorry to hear that sevans, why not enjoy a drink this weekend?! good luck for next month x x x
  • I thought by Sunday, she would have kicked in in full, since I had 6 days of brown stuff this month. Based on last month, red af came on CD 30 after 4 days of brown stuff and the month before, cd28 with 2 days of brown stuff.

    But to be honest, I'm surprised I still have light brown stuff today after 6 days of it (even though I had some reddy brown stuff first thing which made me think that af had arrived - but I've not had anymore on pants since first thing).This has confused me further, and now don't know when to have my glass of wine.
  • So sorry to hear that - was so sure this was your month too. I would have a few glasses this weekend - it wont do any harm x x Good luck for June x x
  • Oh thanks Mugwia, you are right, may have a few tomorrow nite then. Good luck for you too.
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