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Hello All,

When is the best time to try for a baby - im really confused. We started last monday and id finished my period 2 days before!!! Please help im so confused!!!!!! x:\?


  • Simply - when your ovulating hun!!

    Check with it has an ovulation calender which you can use after inputting your period dates...

    Good luck hun... Enjoy lots of BD'ing image

  • I use that website and it is really good, it sends you an e mail 3 days before you are fertile, then tells you when you ovulate, i heard that the most fertile days are the day before you ovulate and the day that you ovulate good luck xxxx
  • Everyone's cycles are different but if you have an average 28-day cycle (the start of your period is day 1 and day before your next period begins is day 28) you'll ovulate round about day 14 (but could be a few days before or after).

    Basically, the middle of your cycle - in between one period starting and the next one arriving - is the fertile window, but this is only approximate.

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  • Thankyou - i shall register now - This is sooooo confusing! x
  • Wait to you start checking your cervix and doing mucus testing... lol... then it definitely becomes confusing!! lol...

    Good luck hun, hope you don't stay in here too long and get a BFP in the 1st month xx
  • Ive jsut registered and im apparently on cd15 - I think this is when im most fertile. How long after until i can test????
  • With clearblue digital and a few others you can test 4days before your AF (period)
  • ...First Response is meant to be pretty good for early testing as well x
  • You have to wait 2 weeks after your ovulation that is when your AF is usually due, if you get early pregnancy tests you can test up to four days before your AF xx
  • Thankyou all, Imso glad i have u lot to talk to. I think i have got my head around it now. Im hoping not to be trying for too long. Ive also not been on the pill for 4 years so i have that goes for me too x

    Thanxs all xxxxx
  • I am on day 17 of my cycle and i got a faint line on my ovulation stick yesterday and a darker one today if you are most fertile today you can start testing on Wednesday 2nd April - that should be four days before your AF xxx
  • i dunno whether to test then or not - i donw want a BFN!!!
  • I know what you mean, you could just wait the full two weeks until your AF is due, but this is my third month of ttc and i know that i am really bad and cannot wait!! i would rather know either way because i am sure i get phantom symptoms!! xx
  • he he he - i think ive already convinced myself i will never get pregnant but i hope i do - i may buy a cheap tesco 1 and see what it says x
  • im on my way to work then popple x x
  • try 7 pm then

    You know what they say - 7 is a lucky number. Worked for me! I got knocked up first time and am about to pop out my sprog any day now.

    Also, try reading the book, taking charge of your fertility and charting your temperatures! Learn your cycle for maximum chance of conception. Try not to be too upset if at first you do not succeed - even perfectly timed sex only has a 20-25% chance of resulting in a pregnancy.

    Best time to test - wait until you miss your period - even though some tests work before hand, there really may not be enough hormone in your system to register a positive result, which ends up in dissapointment.
  • Hi guys,

    Firstly...this forum is so good, really nice to know there are so many people out there that are just as confussed as we are!! image

    So reading through your conversations, does this mean that really there's no point in trying any other time through the months other than while your ovulating?? or are they just the times when you are just likely to conceive??

    I also thought that the days before and after your period were also times when it was posible to conveive :?

    Thanks guys image
  • I got confused reading this until I realised it was from march 2008!

    In answer to your question - sperm can live inside you for up to 7 days so the week before estimated ov is pretty good or go for every 2/3 days throughout the month, enjoy it and don't focus too much on the "perfect" time Xx
  • my partner and i are trying for a baby.we have been trying for like 2months now but my cycle is very weird.its between 23-25 days.please when is the best time to try?

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