help i need

cheap but reliable ovulation sticks. any recommendation girls? Im irregular so im testing alot. I have been using cb but its working out way to expensive.


  • I always used the cheap ones, "one step ovulation test" you can get them on amazon but i bought them from a website called home health, they were cheap and always delivered the next day! I found them reliable, and although it says you need a line darker than the control line I never got a darker line, but i did get the lines at the right time and i've had 3 bfp's since i've been using them!! Good luck xx
  • I get mine from ebay, a shop called Fertility plan, think it's around ??3-4 for 25 xx
  • i have used wilko ones and not had a prob had used the for 2 unsticky bfp's xx
    (there 5 in a box for ??2.50

    good luck xx
  • Homehealth are great and they do al kinds of things, i just got my basal thermometre and it came with a free fertility calendar where i can chart AF days, ovulation, CM levels and even BD days. its great!! xx
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