Another clear blue fertility monitor question????


Can I was wondering if anyone can help me? After your first cycle of using the cbfm how many high days did you get? The instructions say for most women it's between 1 and 5.

I'm just wondering because, my monitor has displayed high for the last 5 days and I cant believe that I will get my peak tomorrow which is day 15 because last month my peak was on day 24/25. That would make ov a whole 9/10 days earlier and then my cycle the same number of days shorter!!!!

I'm so confused, :? could really do with some advice. Thanks xxx

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  • I'm as confused as you shrewpin.

    My last cycle I ov'd on cd25 and had 1 high before this. This month I got my first high on cd11, so I thought great maybe my cycle has shortened. No such luck my monitor is on my 8th high day today.

    So am unsure if I won't ov until cd25 or possibly it will happen earlier. Dunno, although I have had a reasonable amount of cm, but no ewcm yet. So just playing the usual waiting game.
  • Hi I only started using my CBFM last month for the 1st time. CD12/13 I got a high fert and that stayed like that for 5 days and then I got 2 peak days. I POAS for 20 days last month and TBH that got on my nerves a bit. This month it asked me to do 1st test on CD9 not CD6 so the monitor is hopefully adjusting to my cycle from this month onwards.

    I would say don't worry about the 1st time you use it, the monitor will show you an approx result until the 2nd/3rd cycle when it should start to interpret you as an induividual. It's a clever little thing and I know I wouldn't be without mine.
    Good luck
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