really confused - dont think i have any symptoms anymore :(

hey girls....

i am really confused - the last few days i have been having some, what i like to call 'symptoms'!!
had af and sharp pains in my tummy and back (mainly on one side - but sometimes all over) had slightly sore nipples and most recently i had butterfly type sensations in my tummy (like it was doing flips) but now....i dont feel anything! i am just worried that we havent done it this month and wanted a little moan!
i hate looking for symptoms and dont even know if what i've had means anything - i just want to know either way!

not sore when i OV, or even if i have yet - but if i did, i'm about 11/12DPO
dont want to see BFN, but then again - not sure when i am due af, so not sure how long i'd have to wait :cry:



  • I would wait until at least the weekend LivvyS, I hate seeing BFN so the longer you can leave it the better image xx
  • hey same here, it was wc 20th that i had all of my symptoms, and for the last few days nothing, and today been feeling sick all day and still got sore boobs!!
    i wouldnt worry honey everyones different, pma pma pma pma pma pma pma pma pma pma pma image x x x x
  • Good luck with waiting though!!

    x x x
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