New to this and confused!

How soon after AF due should you start thinking about testing????:\?


  • Welcome to the site!

    Its normally best to test on the day AF is due if she doesn't turn up. Some tests can detect earlier but they're not as accurate and sometimes not enough of the hormone has built up.

    How many days past AF are you, Sep?
  • It's completely up to you. Most of us end up testing a couple of days before it's due or on the day itself, others wait until they are a few days late. Whatever you can manage.
  • AF not due until 19th (I'm always spot on with the day) but we've had a slip up this week and due to OV anytime now, not officially TTC just yet so I was just x ;\)
  • I'd test on the 19th then if af is a no show test a couple of days after!
  • The optimum time is supposed to be when you are 4 days late (I am now 5 and BFN!!), but it depends how long you can hold out!! I did day before I was due and on day 4 of being late. Going to retest again on saturday!!
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