Hi ladies. i know i have posted to say my TTC is on hold coz OH in afghan til october, but i need some advice.
for the past week (since begining of AF) i wake up feeling sick and about 9pm every night i feel sick again. (.)(.)'s are really itchy and feel bigger, i am really struggling to get the words out that i want to say. i know what i want to say but my mouth wont form the words. i have had chronic heartburn and been feeling slightly weird but i cant put my finger on what is exactly wrong.
i didnt have any pain with AF where as i normally wake up at crazy times in the night with terrible period pains. AF was heavy on and off for 4 days where it is normally heavy all the time for 6 days.
OH has been away 2 weeks and i have had AF but why would i still feel like this??? at first i put it all down to stress of him being away but why would i feel sick all the time?? i have done HPTs but all negative.
Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!!! xx:roll:


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