When do symptoms start?

Hello ladies,
Long-time lurker, newbie poster!
Have just started TTC, am assuming it won't happen for a few months at least, but out of interest I was wondering how soon people tend to feel any symptoms?
S x


  • Hello Susie and welcome to TTC!! :\)

    I've never had a BFP so I can't give you any advice from personal experience, but this website is a symptom spotter's best friend!! You can compare your symptoms at each DPO with those ladies who went on to get a BFP!


    Happy symptom spotting! image
  • Brilliant - thanks!
  • hi susie, ive read different things really, some places say people start to feel symptoms just a few days after ovualtion, some say, straight after implantation, and some people have posted they havent had any symptoms until about 6 weeks gone! so i really have no clue, i suppose everyone is different, which is rubbish! sorry im not much help lol, i wish everyone had the same length cycles and everyone ovualted on CD14, and all PG tests would show up with a 100% correct answer on your AF due date and all PGs were the same! it would be soooo much easier for us all!

    wow that was actually quite a long post, sorry *bit of a mini rant there* welcome to teh strange world of TTC! lol xxxxx
  • Hi Susie, I had symptoms pretty much a few days after ovulation, heartburn, cramps, and feeling flushed. I felt a little sick now and then but nothing too much. I came off pill 6 months ago and started seriously at the beginning of the year and found out last night i'm pregnant! Still very early days though. Good luck with all the tryingimage , it's so nice when you think you could have made a baby xx
  • I got MASSIVE (.)(.) seven days after I ovulated with my first pregnancy. Much bigger and earlier than when the witch is on her way. With the second (that sadly ended with a mmc) I didn't notice the (.)(.) as I was breastfeeding at the time! Though, I did a test because my tummy felt really tight when the witch was due. HTH

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  • hay hun xx

    i found out when my boobs hurt ( sorry if tmi ) but my nipples ached and when a itched them while puss came out, got totally worried, phoned my sister ( who has 5 children so has done it a few times lol ) and she said do a pregnany test, never even crossed my mind, thought i was gonna lose my boobs lol
    didnt feel anything untill i had done the test, found out i was 10 weeks and then started feeling rough xx
    think its different for everyone xx my other sister didnt find out till she was 6mths gone and didnt feel any thing unusual xx

    ttc this time and its all new again xxx

    sorry ive been no help lol xx
    hugs x
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