what we did differant this month to get BFP

Hi ladies, well most of you know i have my BFP! Just thought i would let you know what we did this month

Used cheapie ov sticks
started bd'ing everyday from about day 9 of cycle. Got positive on ov stick on around day 13 but stronger on day 14, didnt bd on day 15 but did on day 16. Also took sanatogen preconception vitamins for him and for her everyday. Also (slightly blushing) we made sure i had the big 'o' after he did as heard this may help!! and slept with pillow under my bum!! lol.
Hope this is of some help.

Good luck everyone, thanks for all your support over the last 7 months, i may hang around for a little while as it is still very early days
love anna xxxx


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