last test!!

well im now on CD 38!!!

im gonna do my last test tonight and if thats not BFP i give up! i dont think it will be though 40 days is the longest iv ever gone so surely it should be BFP by now if i was pregnant!

im so sick of this now image:\?


  • How long have you been TTC for? I haven't really any advice just didn't want to R&R, i'm a virgin at all this ha ha. I have all this to look forward to next week xx

  • hi again image 9 months now image

    had an early mc in december at 5 weeks but nothing since then!

    good look hun when you do hun! hope it happens very soon for you image

  • Hello again ha image

    I am so sorry to hear about your MC. I finished my pill last night and AF is Monday-Friday then TTC straight away. Are you using OPK's and working out ovulation etc? I am hoping not to for first few months and just enjoy it if I can then if things aren't happening then obviously I will get more technical xx

  • thanks love image

    yeah thats the best idea image were not using OPKs just bding every other day! id be even more stressed if we were doing all that lol

  • We have quite regular sex and have seen us BD every day!! Definitely the nice and de-stressed way of doing things. My stomach couldn't cope with the stress of all that as just been diagnosed with IBS on Monday so i need to take the more stress free route xx

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