Help needed with cbfm,when do i press m?

This will be my first month using cbfm. I have started light bleeding late this afternoon. Do ipress m button tomorrow morning or wait until i have had 1 full day of proper bleeding? Would i then press it the next morning and set it as day 1?
sorry for all the questions


  • I would start it in the morning hun. You have to set it at a time that is convenient everyday as you only have a 3 hour testing window!

    Hope it brings you a BFP!
  • Thanks,its really confusing and i dont want to mess it up and have to wait another month! this will be month 22, with an ectopic last june. Do you use a cbfm??

  • I would start it in the morning when you wake up. I think you get 3 hours before the time you set and 3 hours after. Like you I get spotting in the afternoon so Ive always pressed my m button the next morning.

  • I've just finished my first month using it but my cycles are abit too long so i didn't get a peak. I ended up ov'ing on cd29 which was too late for the cbfm to pick it up!

    I think next cycle i'll have to start using it on cd7 and trick it :lol:

    Good luck
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