when should I test?

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  • I think I maybe due af on 31st. When should I test with early and sensitive pregnancy tests from e bay.
    The read HCG at 10 what ever they are
  • They say that you can test from 7 dpo. The only thing is this is very early and i have done this in the past got a positive and it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy
  • Babymonkey - I think you should wait until the day you are due then you are more likely to get an accurate result. But if you do want to test early then 4days before af due is best.
    emzyv - what is a chemical pregnancy??
  • Im going to try and hold out until friday even though I have to go for a blood test on friday.
  • Unfortunately, chemical pregnancies are actually quite common. In fact, between 50% and 60% of all first-time pregnancies are thought to end in miscarriage. A large majority of these can be attributed to chemical pregnancies.

    When it comes to chemical pregnancies, many women don't even realize that they have experienced one. This is because the vast majority of these miscarriages occur within the initial six weeks of pregnancy. During this time, typical signs of pregnancy are not always present just yet and a missed period may not have happened yet, making it somewhat unlikely for most women to take a pregnancy test. As a result, many women don't even know that they were pregnant in the first place.

    However, because pregnancy tests are becoming increasingly sensitive, it is now possible for women to detect pregnancy up to 3 days before their period is due. As a result, more and more women are able to recognize their pregnancies ahead of time, making it more likely that women will detect a chemical pregnancy.

  • That was very informative hun. Where do ou find all that out
  • I just search everying through google.
  • I think you should wait until the day you are due hunny, you might get a bfn and actually have a bfp. You'll only feel down if you get a negative. I think we've all done it hunny, i have to stop myself testing early too!!! hope you get the BFP!! xxx
  • Try and wait till day af due or maybe 1 day before hun if you can, as minimonkey says you will feel upset if you get a bfn which is likely if too early. good luck xxxx
  • have had a chemical pregnancy last october testing 2 days before af due and then went -ve day after af due, went on to have a period.
    Its hard but if you want to test you will im sure if like me and impatient. Good luck and babydust
    Filo x
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