recently come off contraception, still waiting for af?

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if any others have recently come off the pill, or any contraception and are still waiting for their first real af? I came off the pill on 29th Jan so am now on CD40 and no sign of af and 4 BFN's later im really starting to get down in the dumps, would really like her to appear so we can start ttc properly? just wondering if anyone is in the same boat, or has been? xx:\?


  • hi im on cd 46! image . i had the implanon! same as u im soo gutted its not arrived yet, hope it doesnt take too long!! good luck. x
  • I keep readin about ladies who it took 80 days + for af to arrive and its really getting me down as i realise it can take ages to get a bfp when ur cycles are normal! grrrr! i wish i had never been on the pill now! have had loads of horrid symptoms since coming off it too! Told my little sis who has just got her first boyfriend at 18 not to go on it! xx sorry rant over! good to have someone to talk to in the same boat, good luck xx

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  • heya, i have heard that it can take a while for first AF after coming off the pill! its because you wont get AF until you ovulate, and everyone can take dif amounts of times to ov, anything from afew days to months.
    my af didnt appear after coming off the pill i asumed it was kuz of the above, but it turned out it was kuz i was preg! but then i sadly mc and i wish i never went on the pill either, and will never go on it again kuz i swear it messed me up, and think it had sumthin to do with mc as well (as afew of my friends have mc, all of whom had just come off the pill before falling preg) so i dont mean to scare you, but u may want to wait a cycle or too before ttc anyway,
    sorry im rambling on!
    good luck and hope it shows soon!
  • Thank-you sian, i have heard alot of people say they have mc when falling preg straight after coming off the pill too. it must do alot of harm to ur system due to the symptoms that happen after, i have had horrid symptoms, thought for a bit it was preg symptoms but it wasnt im sure. just need to wait for af to come now, i hope it wont be long! xxx
  • Hi Princess, Definately been in that boat before :\)

    It is the most frustrating time waiting for the first AF to show its head but quite strangely after my WDB my 1st cycle was 28 days which i never understood how and i assumed i was going to be regular but i wasnt lol. After that 28 day cycle next was 76 days then the next ones were shorter but normal and then i thought it was finally sorting out but no, the next was 80 days which was the cycle i just last had, so its difficult to say really, its a waiting game and its horrible, although i wasnt thinking about TTC much as i knew it was going to take at least 6-12 months for anything to happen,so it didnt really bother me about my cycles being messed up.

    You though 40 days was bad, try having 80 days LOL, it was hard especially having to go to the drs millions of times to ask for explainations.
    After all this im definately not going back on the pill ever, My SIL had to go back on the pill after having her baby girl 3 months back, her AF's have been crazy since the birth.


  • hiya girlies, ive had a bit of a random one too! came off pill 28th jan, had my withdrawel bleed as usual, then AF came 28 days later, all normal, and then all of a sudden 12 days into my next cycle i got another AF????/ im hoping my body has only just realised im not taking mypill so it decided to bleed!??? lol
  • i am on CD53/54!!! i had coil out on jan 18th and af came jan 21st and i am still waiting!!!
    i have irregular periods anyway so it really is not helpful!!!
    its really getting me down and getting on my nerves!!! my 2nd af should technically be here this week!!! grrrr!!!

  • Well, I came off Microgynon in Aug 09, had my withdrawel bleed and then didn't have my next AF til 43 days later. Then my next AF was 36 days later.... After some more discussions, we decided to leave it for a while, so for some reason I went back on the pill again.... Now I have taken the pill for one month, but decided to come off it again, as it has messed up my cycle so much!! I'm waiting now to see if I will ovulate and see what is going to happen.... GRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! xx
  • I came off the pill on 12th Feb so I'm too waiting for my first real AF! I thought I had got away with these nasty symptoms everyone talks about when you come off the pill but in the last week my skin is a mess with spots which I hardly ever get and today my stomach is really bloated but no pains as yet so not sure when I'm going to come on image
  • Im glad im not alone ladies, i had a bit of spotting last night, thought my luck might be in but its stopped and nothing today, have had that a few times this month now, crazy! i will never ever go back on the pill! xx
  • good news! af arrivd last night exactly 28 days from having the implant removed! soooo happy!! lets just hope its a quick visit! image
  • princessA, i dont think i will either! dam thing!
  • congrats on the af marie.x.! lol, my spotting amounted to nothing so am still waiting image just watching one born every minute making myself broody! i know its such early days but i keep worrying there is something wrong with me! x
  • i have just counted and am on CD 55!! got excited earlier as i thought i had a bit of spotting but i didnt!!! grrr!!

    starting to get me down now!!!

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