what can it be?

ok so ive not hd a proper period since febuary in march i was 5 day late and only on for 2 day april i was 5 days early and just spotted for a few day and may i was bang on time but only spotter for 3 days ive done loads of home tests and they all came back negative the doctor done a urine test and thay came back negative to. My doctor isnt sure if im pregnant or not so ive got to have a scan the 17th june and im crappin myself as the doctor said if im not pregnant i mite have a cist or somethin as my stomach is swollen like i am pregnant and my brests have gone up a cup size and r very tender so what do u think?


  • Hi
    You could still be pg - just not making enough Hcg to show on a test yet.

    Please don't let the following freak you out - just wanted to let you know what I know on ovarian cysts.
    If you aren't pg, maybe it is a cyst on your ovary which may be giving off some hormones which are making your boobs swell.

    My friend had a cyst which grew very quickly and made her look about 5 months pg - she had to have it and her ovary taken out. She was told that sometimes an egg can go a bit weird and start dividing into something (but as it's not fertilised it's not a baby - just a group of cells).
    This was when we were at Uni - about 10 years ago, she has since had a baby.

    That won't stop you worrying until you get your scan. But if your doc is only sending you on the 17th - they can't be that worried (you would get one straight away if they thought it was really bad!)
    I'd keep taking a test every week though to see if your HCG levels pick up enough to show on the test.
    I hope that helps you - please try not to worry too much.
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