bfp very very faint line ......

please please let this be it ....
If i squint this way and that and partner can see a very faint pink line ...
Im due to test fri but had horrendous pains at wk end and have had (never before) slight spotting the last two days was very pale pink now yukky brown (tmi sorry)
Im so emotional it unreal walked back in from town (fetching test) and promtley burst into tears.
The line didnt show straight up so was crying after..... but thats been me for few days now.
OMG i so hope it really is our month..... will keep u all posted thanku ladies for taking time out to read.... xxxx


  • Fingers are crossed very very tightly for you hon. I got my BFP this month and have been bawling my eyes out at the slightest thing!! I dont normally cry at anything!!!

    Good luck for friday testing xx
  • huge congrats garfield so pleased for u xxxx
  • Fingers crossed for you im due to test on sunday so good luck.
    luv clare
  • thanx clare and gd luck to u too xxx
  • Hiya brammer, Ive had the same too nd im also scared stiff. Ive been getting faint lines for a couple of days but now getting pink and brown cm, cant understand the faint lines if only having possible implantation now.

    Good luck. My cycles are different every month, last AF was 1st of may so i take it i should wait till the 1st of june. image Not long. Ive been testing everyday and im beginning to think im wasting them.

    Fingers crossed for us both anyhow. :\)

  • hi mrs pinkplayboy.... i was 1st of may to lol.. spooky ive been short cycle for last few months ... but this major weird even for me..... lol
    im going retest 2moro again see if it shows better or not.
    im still spotting now and it driving me loopy glad im not alone was begining feel i was going mad lol....
    fingers crossed for us hun we neeeeeed these bfp..
    keep me posted hunnie xxxx
  • hi ladies just thought id let u know im out again woke this morning and the witch here have not bled this bad for a long while been changing every hlf hr yuk yuk good luck to everyone else xxx
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