Food Cravings during 2ww???

This is very wierd, am only 3dpo but since yesterday I've had some really strange food cravings. Well, not strange but things I wouldnt usually eat at all. Yesterday when I went shopping I HAD to buy ice lollies?! Really not the weather for them but I needed them bad!! Then today for lunch I wanted tomato soup! I usually dont particularly like tomato soup but again i HAD to have it.

So this is all very strange, has anyone else experienced this before? This is my 5th cycle ttc and have never had this. x :\?


  • Sorry BE ate my reply!
    I not had this before. . .well I really wanted cheese last month - but i actually quite like it lol.
    Hope it is a good sign sweety.
  • Thanks snugglenush! I love cheese so if i wanted that it would be quite normal for me lol. But tomato soup?! Not usually for me!!! x
  • i hope its a good sign!
  • I totally didn't want dh's curry he made last night. Really struggled through it and normally I'm a curry monster! Don't know what that was all about?! Just couldn't seem to stomach it! Bizarre! I'm about 9 dpo... 2nd month of ttc! Fingers crossed for both of us! X
  • Thanks ladies, I hope its a sign too! Got a few more symptoms but don't wanna get carried away as I do this every month!

    Dummydust - if I couldn't stomach a curry I know there would def be something wrong as I love curries!!! Hope that is a good sign for u too!

    Good luck xx
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