Cramps- clueless

Hi ladies. Confused here so hoping that soomeone can help. I am on CD19 and for the past 10 days, pretty much since my ov I've been having really unconfortable tummy cramps. Very much AF type but not quite as intense.they seem to come and go, and my tumy feels funny, tight kind of feeling.

At the start I thought AF might be coming, my cyces are still quite short, as I've only came of the pill in dcember. But now I am not so sure. Last one was 26 days, so still week to go if it stays at 26 cycle.
Anyway, I gues whtI am trying find out is has anyone else experienced this? Did anyone else have cramping as a symptom?
Could it be sign of pg? Mind you my feeling is it is AF prepering for geat enterance lol :roll:



  • Ive had ov/af cramps since ov. I think others on here have also had this and turned out to be a BFP so heres hoping aye xx
  • I always had ov pains, but this is different as it is ongoing ever since ov.. But hey I really hope so too Jay! Fingers crossed xx
  • I always have ov pains too but usually only last a couple of days around ov time and then go away until af due again when i get af pains.

    Lots of sticky babydust for us all xx
  • I have been getting tummy cramps this morning and I have tested 1 - 2 pregnant!
  • Oh wow, congratulations S-h-e-l-l
    How long for have you had cramps for?
    You must be over the moon! x
  • I've only had cramps today... did the test this morning! Maybe I'm imagining it?!
  • PS - shocked/scared/excited - only been trying for one month!!!
  • congrats s-h-e-l-l!!
  • congrats s-h-e-l-l!!
  • Wow congrats shell you need to do a separate post so people will congrat you. What dpo were you when you tested?

    I have been getting cramps on and off not painful like af more like a wavy feeling in my tum and the odd twinge. I am now on the 1ww.

    Good luck xx
  • Thank you!

    Tested yesterday and got the faintest line that I threw the test away!

    Did a CB one this morning... I'm 2 days before my period and I tested at lunch time instead of the morning but it didn't seem to make a difference! Am 1 to 2 weeks!

    Good luck! I hated the waiting! X
  • Hi girls, is there any updates? I'd be interested to hear how you're getting on becuase I've been having faint tummy cramps for the past 3 days now too. I thought it was OV pains but surely they wouldn't last 3 days?!?! I may be imagining it but my boobs are starting to feel sore too! xxx
  • And P.S Congratualtions Shell! xx
  • hey BeckyWoo I had OV pains and sore nipples since OV but unfortunately the witch showed up this morning.
    Everyone is different though so maybe yours will turn out to be a BFP?
    Good luck xx
  • Hi, I got cramps from ov to after I got my BFP and I never suffered with period pains!! Sounds like a good sign, good luck xx
  • Sounds promising Naturelle. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you. With all my pregnancies I have had cramps and a feeling of the AF arrival and we went on to have a gorgeous little boy!

    Keep us posted and good luck xxxxxxx
  • Oh blast! Sorry to hear that Jay. It's hard not getting your hopes up isn't it... It's way too early to be pg signs for me, I'm sure. I'm doing what I shouldn't be doing and sympton spotting and doing 2+2 and making 5. I didn't think I'd ever be as lucky as to fall in the 2nd month! I'll only be disappointed if I keep thinking like this! xxxx
  • Dont get disheartened hun x Just because my AF turned up doesnt mean that yours will! There are quite a few ladies on here who did have the same sypmtoms and got a BFP! xx
  • The cramps have eased up now so not hopeful image. I was sad when I woke up this morning and couldn't feel anything, how crazy is that! I do feel a bit light headed every now and then though but that's not a sympton is it?!?! Have you been tryng for long? xx
  • I used to get a bit light headed sometimes too! Apparently AF and PG symptoms can be exactly the same ( think its mother natures way of being very cruel to us).

    We've been trying for 9 months (well this will be our 10th month)

    When are you due? Sunday? Are you going to test? If so when? ooooh i really hope its good news for you hun xx
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