At last. Light at the end of the tunnel!

We went to see our doctor this afternoon. he is lovely. My H2B has got to go and take a sample of his spermies to the path lab on Thursday and I have to go for a mid cycle blood test on the 17th july. The doc has said he will do everything he can to get us pregnant as soon as possible. He said that due to how painful my af is, he suspects that im not ov'ing, hence the blood test. He said he will see what the result come back as and then think about prescribing clomid. If that doesnt work he said he will put us forward for assisted conception. Sounds a bit grulling but well worth it if it works!
Finally getting somewhere after all this time. :\)



  • really pleased you are getting sorted hun!!!!!!!!!
    good luck, hope tou get some answers, or even better a bfp soon!! xxxxxxxxx
  • Really pleased it was a successful visit for you. It's great to hear a dr is taking things seriously. Progress! xx
  • Really pleased for you, i'm sort of in the same situation. My dh has to take his spermies in tomorrow and i'm going for a scan tomorrow hoping they'll prescribe clomoid as no ov and PCOS. Good luck hun and keep us posted.
  • I just cant wait. They only thing that is worrying me is that my doctor has told me that taking Clomid increases the chance of multipul births. My family has a strong history of twins and my son was a twin but I lost one at 12 weeks.
    I am soooooo excited. Some one is helping us at last.
    My H2B has to take his spermies on Thursday. We are a bit worried as the hospital we have to take then to is quite a way away with loads of ring roads and traffic lights and we only have 1hr to get them there.
    ALL of my PMA has now returned and I even have some spare if anyone wants some.
    This is down to MrsTakers as she gave me a PMA tree to plant in my garden lol THANK YOU SB. So if you have lost all PMA ask MrsTakers for a PMA tree and tell her babymonkey75 sent you
  • oh really pleased that youre both getting somewhere hun, good luck with everything, hope you get your BFP xxx

  • That's great news, I'm so pleased for you. Can your H2B not do his sample in the loos there, just to make sure it's there in time?
  • thats great news honey hopefully u'll get some answers soon!!!
  • Thanks for all your support girls. I just cant wait. Im so excited.
  • Good luck babymonkey, hope to hear some good news from you very soon then hun! xxx
  • good luck honey, this seems really positive, so glad that you found a doctor who really wanted to help, keep us all posted xxxxx

  • oh believe me, it will be very well looked after.
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