writing the alternative baby book

hi girl just askin for a wee bit help in writing a book i know the world of ttc is a mine field of emotions (took me 3 years to concieve my son and 2 years to concieve my daughter so know where you are all coming from) and im lookin for thing that have been said to you during this time
you know the "helpful" comments that people take upon themselve to foist on you whether you want them or not!! not just the bad ones but the funny ones as well as i am hoping to give a really honest insite to this mad crazy time of ttc. then the girls that are lucky and concieve what did it for you?
where was the madest place you were at your fertile time and felt you just had to do it !!(no intimate details unless you want to share lol or names )
have you had a conversation and used all the tc lingo and confused your work mates lol
fea x


  • oh wow this sounds interesting! will have to read it when you have finished!!

    off the top of my head - about the lingo - i had to write TRC the other week in a report but wrote TTC!! luckily i spotted it at the last minute before it went to print and i had to present it! (and that's the one i noticed, i dread to think what mistakes i haven't noticed...!)

    i'm sure i can think of a few more stories, will try to recall them. xx
  • I keep talking about AF to my friends or the witch - they are sooo confused! lol xx I keep getting told - just relax and it won't take long! yeah right!!

    Definitely would love to read this!
  • thanks ladies keep up with the anecdotes
    i remember when i was trying with my son and nothing was happening and one friend said " oh its probably just as well you haven't had a kid cos your not very maternal!!??" eh not was god mother to my niece and really enjoying it and working with kids in the childrens dental unit of yorkhill in glasgow....
    fea x
  • The worst 'helpful' thing that has been said to me (and OMG can people be insensitive), was Well you wouldn't have even known you were pregnant a few years ago its only cos the tests are better. Trust me even after an early mmc I was in no doubt I had been pregnant even if I hadn't known before.
  • 'Just relax it will happen eventually'. This is probably the most annoying comment in the whole wide world! Hi highlandfea, the book sounds fab, defwill have to read.
  • "well at least you know you can get pregnant", probably one of the most upseting things that people have said to me, i've had two mc and that statement just makes me so angry!!
  • OMG girlinleeds - that is so insensitive!
  • oh babe that was so cruel..... this ttc thing is such hard work no wonder girls go to ground and not tell when they are ttc other women can be so cruel
    fea x
  • The funniest thing for me was when my 84 year old aunt said. Tell Alan he's a good one.lol Dont know if she realises it takes 2 lol
  • because of the mc everyone at work knows i'm ttc, so i think that's there way of trying to comfort me. A couple of weeks ago i snapped and replied it's all very well getting pregnant but i need to stay pregnant. I hear this statement alot especialy from the collegue thta's pregnant at the moment, i don't uderstand why people think it's comforting
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