how early can some people OV?

I know the norm is 14 days and all that but is it poss to OV before that?? Has anybody OV before CD14?

K xx


  • Yeah hun its very possible. I think thats why a lot of fertility drs recommend you start bding from around the time your af ends just incase you do ov early. Ov at cd 14 is based on a 28 day cycle but if your cycles were shorter than that then you would ov earlier

    Hilary x
  • Thanks. This is my first real af it was 28 days but I have been bleeding on and off for 6 days now though now i am gettign this wet cm that's a little brown but stringy?? It really really stringy but a bit. It kinda looks how it look just before i thought i OV last month, though its brown not white?

    Sorry to go on just a little confused and I though if I end up having a short cyc this month then it might be poss I would OV early?

    K xx
  • If its brown it sounds like it could just be a bit of old blood. Maybe its just from coming off the pill. I know it done strange things to me for a while. Sorry I cant be of more help

    What cd are you on now??
  • It's ok I have just say here worrying all day and i am little upset.

    I am on CD7 today I came on saturday about 8pm di dnot bleed much, then sunday was really heavy. Monday hardly anything and then tuesday nothing at all so I bd'd and then I woke up on wed morning blood everywhere?? bleed a tiny amount that day stopped about 4ish with nothing again hubby came home and we made love again I really thought it had stopped and then I bleed that night as well??

    Did not bleed much yesterday and nothing today? only when I check my cm do i get this werid cm. It's not blood it looks like creamy cm but it;s brown it;s really odd, though i have had pains in my belly not really bad but they have been there and had an awful head ache yesterday.

    Do you think it's just my af stopping as this is my first real one? I am due to OV on fridat next week that will be CD14 but i think you start to get fertile like two days before to next wed for me??

    I am worried to have sex again in case I start bleeding again?

    k XX
  • I also normally ov on day 10 of a 24 day cycle. Your af generally comes 14 days after ov.
  • Thank you girls well I tried to forget about it last night and then I checked this morning and it's no longer brown. It's white thick and sticky and there is not very much of it.

    In saying that I did have a very very small amount on my knickers but that could be because I have started taking EPO but when I check inside there is hardly anything there.

    I wanted to start bd from today but I am going to leave it might try tomorrow which will CD9.

    K xx
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