christmas drinking

Hi ladies, just wondered how you are all going to get round drinking much at christmas? i'm not a big drinker anyway so it shouldn't be too obvious but i've got my work do on thurs and i will be 9 dpo and i'm not sure how to get round the drinking issue without people getting suspicious!


  • hey hun, can you use the 'on antibiotics' little white lie? But then you get some nosey buggers that ask why which then requires another little white lie! Lol!
  • I know when I worked in a pub I occasionally had women come up and have a quiet word and I was quite happy to make a non alcoholic drink look like an alcoholic one!
    If you tend to drink spirits maybe just get a small glass of the mixer with ice, a slice and a straw? If you like pints get Kaliber. Wine is a bit trickier! Just make sure you avoid rounds and go solo to the bar!
    Anyway, you can have one or two quite safely so just drink slowly!
    I dunno but I hope something there helps.......
    Have fun! xx
  • I'm as tight as they come and hate paying for taxi's, so i always use the driving excuse!! I'm out on Saturday night and i'll be 13dpo so that will be my excuse!! Good luck, hope you get your BFP!! x

  • hi, sorry i have'nt been on for a couple of days. thanks for the replies, i might try making my drinks look alcoholic if it comes to it! lol i'm sure women in the early stages of pregnancy face this dilemma all the time! xxx
  • I haven't stopped drinking have you all? Im not a massive drinker anyway and obviously will stop when I get pg but untill then Im carrying on as normal. Am I the only one?
  • I stopped drinking for a few weeks when I got a positive on an OPK on CD24. It turned out to be a false positive and I haven't had AF or BFP since and that was in August! So I've kinda reverted back to having a few drinks on the weeked but I just POAS every Friday morning just to check that I'm not PG. I know there's that tiny chance that I one day might be but there's nothing going on at all AF wise so I'd have to quit completely rather than two weeks on and two weeks off like normal people. I think it would just compound the feeling of my life being on hold.
    Sorry to ramble on but I hope that kinda makes sense. I hope nobody thinks that's irresponsible but where I live and where I work aren't where I really want to be but are all 'just until we have a baby' so I feel like I'm just waiting..... That can get you down when things aren't happening so I feel it's important for me to have some fun and let go now and again. Does that make sense?
    H x

  • I havent stopped drinking either but am not a big drinker these past 2 weeks have been hell on earth i tested really early and then 8/9/10 DPO just got obsessed with getting my BFP so tonight I am off round my friends to polish off a bottle of wine.

    I dont want to put my life on hold but as soon as I do get the BFP all drinking, eating crap etc will stop xx
  • Hey girls. I really hope you don't mind me gatecrashing but I was ttc for 18 months and the 'to drink or not to drink' debate was a real issue for us. We too felt that we should not put our lives on hold but really did try to cut down on alcohol, caffeine, bad food etc and ended up resenting it even more when there was no BFP at the end of it.

    The month I got my BFP we kind of gave up ttc as we were told we would need IVF. We ate and drank what we wanted (which turns out was quite a lot as we were on hols!). Just thought I'd share and say there really is no science to this malarkey!

    Happy Xmas!

    K 23+5 xxxx
  • hi girls, i dont drink an awful lot but i havent stopped. on my 2ww i tend to avoid as much as possible and if we go out i just kinda nurse a glass of wine. its good if your at a party then i tend to loose my drinks on other tables not so easy of you out though. i agree with not putting your life on hold when ttc im still going to enjoy the odd drink till i get my bfp.xx
  • I'm also G/C to agree with Kayecee, don't put your lives on hold too much, as you don't know how long you will be trying. Once you are pregnant there is so much you have to go without,

    The month I got my BFP I had also relaxed on the no drinking policy as we were about to be referred for IVF.
    The night before I tested I had far too much as I was so convinced I was not pregnant. I was gobsmacked the next day when I finally plucked up courage to test. As Kayecee says theres not much science to this TTC stuff.

    If you really want to cut back on booze, the website NoLo has a fab range of non alcoholic wines and other drinks which are far nicer than the average ones. It will be my lifesaver this Christmas.

    Good luck everyone


  • interesting to hear everyones views esp the 2 from pregnancy (you're advice is always welcome!) i see your point about not putting your life on hold, though to be honest, i don't drink much anyway so its really not a big sacrifice for me. i'm not going to stop having a drink when i go out but am going to try to avoid over doing it on new years eve etc without friends getting suspicious! xx
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