refuses to SS ever again, cos today is CD 1 for me!!!!!

hey ladies,
fairly pee'd off today, had some amazing symptoms this month and really thought we'd done it, but noooooooo the stupid witch arrived in full glory this afternoon at work, was gutted to say the least!!!!

we're on our 14th month ttc so have decided to make an appoint with dr and try and work out whats going wrong!!!

sorry this is a depressin post, compared to the 2 ladies who jus got their bfp, don't get me wrong i'm really happy for them, i only wish it was me posting my bfp

i jus feel realy down and upset! think a bottle of red is in order to drowns my sorrows

i am def never gonna read in to and symptoms i get in future as there jus lying!!!!

han xxxx


  • Ahh, sweetie I know its hard, so sorry you didn't get your bfp this month. Good luck at the doctors, ((((hugs)))) xxx
  • Ah Hannah im so sorry for you. Im starting month 6 and i feel bad enough (CD2) im defoo not ss-ing in my next 2ww. at least you've made the decision to see your dr. For what it's worth I think you're doing the right thing going. As for the wine im soooo jealous i made a bet with my dh not to drink til half term and im determined to win lol, haven't touched a drop since ny eve- fingers crossed it will help with a bfp this month. Good luck with the dr and let us know how you get on xxx
  • Sorry to hear things not going well for you. Probably best to see the doc and maybe he'll put your minds at rest.
  • thanks ladies,
    not sure what i'd do with out u all, my hubby is upset and does support me but i think it effects me more, cos i can feel it all going on (or not) sayin that, he's jus buggered off to the pub!!!

    ah well bottle of wine for one!!!!
  • Oh hun hugs and sorry the witch got you!!

    Hope everything goes ok at the docs xx
  • Sorry to hear that Hannah B, I'm only on mth 8 (CD1) but feels rubbish every single time! Witch got me today :cry:

    I'm like you, hubby gets upset but it defo hits me more as I'm the one feeling it all & assuming its BFP when its really just AF playing tricks on me!! Dont really like talking to him about it in 2ww as he gets excited!

    Hope everything goes OK at the DRs & they give you some answers as to why!

    x x
  • thanks, well appoint is made for us both for 1st feb (how long do i have to wait?) so fingers crossed we get some answers
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