Newbie without a clue!! poss TMI.

Hi ladies, First time posting, have been snooping for a while but decided to join and start chatting,

We arent actively ttc yet, jut been seeing what happens for a couple of months before watching dates etc

my cycles are pretty regular but after doing the deed last night, I started bleeding quite heavily today, the blood was bright red and nothing like AF bleeding. What could this be? AF isnt due for a week and a half so im pretty confused.

Hope you can shine some light on this for me please, Look forward to getting to know you all,

x x


  • Hello and welcome to the site

    are you still bleeding now? if not maybe you got a small tear whilst getting jiggy? or maybe you are having an odd cycle?
  • Hi Piggypops, still bleeding lightly now, dont think it can be a tear as didnt start bleeding until 8.30 tonight, and the blood is bright red. could be a funny cycle but doesnt feel like it and would usually be crippled with cramps the day before. just going to have to let it pass I think but really making me wonder x x
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