CM help please

Hey lovelies!

Big TMI warning but basically im on CD 20, thought I ov'd last weekend- 27 day cycles so would be about right and I had sharp pains low & to one side, not much EWCM tho image

Now today I have similar twinges and have lots of CM image whats going on?

Also, if this is me OVing then what would me having such a short LP mean? and we haven't BD'd since Sunday so would prob mean i've missed this month... boo!

Can anyone give me some advice please?

Thanks, Co xx


  • is it egg white or lotioney? if its lotioney its unlikely to be ov again, if it is stretchy clear it might be, if it is ov it may make your cycle longer too, did you use anything to identify ov last week?
  • Thanks piggy pops! when I first wiped it was a bit like ewcm, but then (sorry tmi) i checked inside and it was much more lotioney... also my cervix is lower than it was last weekend.

    ALSO I might be going mad and seeing things now but i've just been to the loo before bed, and I'm sure there was a small spot of light pink blood on the tissue.... any chance it might be implantation? or even if I oved last Saturday would it be too early?

    Sorry for all the questions just nervous & confused xx
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