I want a baby...I want a baby...I want a baby...I want a baby (Gemma stamps feet)...I want a baby. Not fair not fair. I want a baby (stamps feet again!)...I want a baby!

(Sorry, tantrum over!)


  • LOL can I join you LOL
    I am in a mood with work today my boss is really P'ing me off!!!

    K xxxx
  • Ditto! I spend most of my time resisting the urge to have a huge tantrum at the moment. xxx
  • Of course you can....infact we should all stamp our feet together! Only in month 3 but im getting impatient already!!

    Dont worry - its Friday!
  • LOL. I hope you all feel much better now! xx
  • I figured it was best to have a virtual tantrum than a real one! Had a few tears yesterday as im convinced I didnt ov this month which only makes my tantrum worse!
  • LOL i am month two and i am as well. i am so tired of my body making me think oh this could be it just for the fun of it. My back is killing me tday though I found it funny it's all sort down my left hand side. Maybe I have a cyst somwhere.

    What you up to tongiht?

    k xx
  • Last month I charted lots - every twinge, pain, cm - everything. And I swear half of it I imagined so this month i attempted to do it all blind and not think about it BUT I think its only made me worse! Next month im back to charting, writing my diary again and even bought OV sticks. It may make me an obbessive but at least I feel in control about what stage my body is in!

    I had the same back pains, and also stomach pains last month which lasted from OV to AF and im getting the same this month. Its horrible. I just wish we could have fertility tests BEFORE we start trying that way we know what we are up against!

    Not much - probably a quiet one. Got an expensive year so saving all the pennies we can! How about you?

  • It's soooo rubbish eh I am feeling a little low today actually as I can't stand feeling this bloated. None of my clothes are fitting and i am sat here at work feeling really uncomfortable.

    Just going to a frineds house for dinner and watching PS I love you, can't wait though i know i will end up craying.

    k xx


  • Me too - im soooo bloated and it happened the same time last month and lasted until AF when it felt like someone had popped me! I know its no consolation but it helps me knowing someone else also gets bloated so much before AF arrives.
  • Thanks LOL I never had this last month though? This will be my second month off the pill. The area above my pubic bone looks swollen do you get that as well honey?

    K xx


  • My whole stomach is swollen & bloated - Im normally quite flat but now I look fat! Its not nice!
  • I feel like a whale!! Thats the thing my belly if fat and bloated but then there is that little area that is under your thong line and that is what looks swollen I have never seen it look like that before it;s really horrid.

    k xx


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