I am a total bitch

hubby has been a bit unwell the last days and couldn't sleep. So we didn't BD today and I oved today. So feel like shouting at him because he said he doesn't have the energy to BD because he has to work and doesn't want to call in sick(he is on temp contract but was told that they will probab keep him on afterwards if everything goes well)
we BD yesterday and will probably tomorrow but I am so annoyed. And feel awful because of it, I mean I want him to be well and enjoy it but had to control myself not to give him the cold shoulder.
I better stop being so obsessed about it because I don't want to fall out with him.

sorry for that girls, just had to get it out, feeling better and more relaxed already


  • aww hun, take a deep breath and relax! it's so easy to get caught up in timings and men just don't understand it all! If it makes you feel any better the month I got a BFP we missed the day I ov'd as well but like you had BD'ed the day before and the day after so you still have as much of a chance!!
    Hope your hubby gets better soon...maybe you could be his nurse to help get the mood going again :lol:
  • LOL Huni the nurse comment made me laugh.
    The thing is that if I had told OH that I OVed today he would have come to bed. But I thought that that would be really mean.
    Am sure we still have a chance to get BFP. Thanks again for cheering me up xx
  • Course you do!! Fingers crossed this is your month! xx
  • Still some hope honey! Good luck!
  • sorry to g/c but if you do it day before and day after u ovulate it will be fine as the egg lives for 36 hrs and the sperm for 72hrs.... I don't have much experience in TTC as we had an accident but after reading lots this is my understanding so don't worry... fingers crossed for you XX
  • i had issues with my hubby and bding while we were ttc. one night he refuses to dtd because we'd had a row and he didnt want our baby to be conceived on an argument. like i care how me and my hubby concieve just that we do! so missed that month. he is also frequently tired as works very long hours. another month i got highs on cbfm but didnt believe it as had no other symptoms. i have pcos and long cycles which means cbfm is not recommeded for me. anyhoo, later in the cycle i got sysmptoms of ov and told hubby who refused to bd as we already ov'd that month. "WE" ffs. argument after argument and he refused so missed that month too, a 62 day cycle that turned into :x

    bding every other day should be fine.

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