Agnus castus dose anyone?

I have bought some 4mg agnus castus to try and kick start my cycles and just wondered if anyone knew the recommended dose as have read various things?! Also anyone trying it at the mo? x


  • my reply got eaten.... stupid BE!!
    do you mean 400mg?
    i take 2x 400mg tablets twice a day after meals, that's what i was told to take and i think that's the usual.
    only been taking them for 2 weeks and only up to the time of ov x
  • Just checked and one tablet is about 52mg o agnus castus...seems low dose!! It's called femilieve from Boots but think I need to get it elsewhere or otherwise will be costing a fortune to take bigger dose.Where do you buy yours from glenns*angel?
  • that does sound like an odd dosage?!
    i get mine from Holland and Barrett
    Good'n Natural select Herbals ??5.99 for 100 i think, they're on the website here's the link.... castus&rdcnt=1
  • It does seem odd...tablets say 4mg of agnus castus made from 28-52mg of dried extract..I'll use them up but have ordered the others from H&B.Thank you! How you getting on with them? xx
  • they seem ok, not giving me any trouble anyway,no upset tummy or anything!!
    I'm hoping that they will help to shorten my cycle length!
    Glad i could help
    Have you just come off the pill then?
  • Came off the pill in July.One AF in October but since no sign of AF or OV. Apart from looking like a spotty teenager I have no idea what my hormones are up to! How about you?
  • AAggh...BE eating my replies now!!
    Came of pill in July.Had AF in October but no AF/OV since.Look like spotty teenager so my hormones must be up to something! Know I'm being inpatient!! How about you?
  • BE has now found both replies!!!
  • haha....
    How annoying for you,does take a while tho x
    You've had one so that's good!
    We've been trying just over 3 years,i've got pcos so although i get fairly regular af's i don't always ov, so i'm using the cbfm for the second month.
    I'm waiting for a peak now, i'm on cd 18,so my fingers are crossed!
    I had a bit of a rant on the cbfm thread earlier,i'm getting very impatient this month haha!
  • Just read your rantI am a novice to all this so am pretty useless on the knowledge front but wishing you lots of luck this month!I feel really bad for whinging about my one period when you've been waiting for much longer.Don't know how to make you feel better but will keep fingers crossed for you! xx
  • thanks MrsAP......
    I'm in a better mood today so the positivity has risen!! haha
    I'm sure my time will come,as will yours x
  • mine are 1 a day 1000mg worked for me have shortened my cycles.

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