Woohoo - AF has left the building........

.....after 7 long heavy, painful days!! Now I can concentrate on ttc again and get bd!! OH has been feeling left out lol xx Mind you - got rid of AF pain and IBS has decided to kick in tonight :evil: I haven't even had anything that I know causes it! Maybe something new is causing it!! Damn bodies - lol xx

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  • Thats good that shes buggered off now! You can get back to the task in hand! Lots of bd for you now! image xxx
  • :\) That's good hun. Back to the bd'ing! Hope ov is soon, and af stays away for the right reason this time!! image xx
  • I am sorry to hear IBS is playing up I know how all that feels trust me.

    Woo hoo now is just the count down to OV, lets do it this month babe xxx

    K x
  • hey

    glad to hear she has left - hopefully she won't come back for 9 months image

    sorry to hear you have bad IBS, it is horrible. i hate it!!!!!!!!!
    hope you feel better soon xxx
  • Thank you everyone! yes k-lou I am counting down to OV now - which going by last cycles should be around 08/08! Miles away!! I am going to do OPK this month though just to check what is happening! Am sat here with a hot water water bottle feeling all cosy xx
  • Yay, pleased she's left the building, please can you send he my way. I'm just north of Peterborough!! Don't mind what time she arrives. :lol:
  • I have asked her to come to you slow!! I have family near Peterborough! I think it is a place called Wellington!
  • glad to hear the old hag has gone..lets hope she stays away now! good luck, have fun;\)
  • Thanks bailey_b!! here's hoping she stays away for 9 mths!! Although it would be more like 10 with a 48 day cycle!! Bliss xx
  • Oh good hope you dont see anythin of her for another 9/10 months lol. I need her to come now so we can start bding for next cycle!
  • Great to hear that she has finally gone! Im still waiting for her to leave me so I can get down to business! Hopefully wont be too far behind you, and we will both get August BFP's (its my birthday in August so that would be fab!)

    Good luck!!! xx
  • That would be fab BB4!! It is OH's birthday on day I am due to test!!
  • Oh wow how great would it be to be able to wrap up a pos hpt and give it to him for a birthday pressie!

    Ooooh got everything crossed (almost) that you get to do that! :lol: xx
  • Glad af has finally stopped for you, wishing you loads of luck this month! Hope you find the OPK helps, and have fun with the bd! ;\)

    Caroline xxx
  • pleased she has bogged off good luck with the bd'ing immense, change your locks!!!!!!!! babydust by the truck load xxxxxxxxxxx :\)
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