I read in Zita West's book (hired it from the library) that exercising helps the TTC process as it oxygenises the body and gives oxygen to those parts which are responsible for TTC. It also mentions too much exercise isn't good either. How much is too much?
What and how much exercise is everyone is doing?

I go to the gym about 2-3 times a week, do about an hour in total - cycling, cross country, rowing machine and walking on treadmill. Try not to get pulse over 140.


  • Hi Sevans, at the moment i'm doing Davina's exercise dvd (high energy five) 2 sections from that twice a week. Tonight i'm doing aerobics and abs and then on Friday i'll probably do aerobics and weights (arms) x
  • Hi Sevans, Jenny_Bunny. I walk for 2 hours a day with my dog. I read that in the Zita West too, I think it's ok to stick with what you're already doing! x
  • i would think that the amount you do is fine!

    i think too much would result in more drastic body changes to much to quick, same idea as crash dieting??

    i also go the gym, pretty much same as you, have you asked any of the instructors their? they might be able to guide you?
  • i've got a tread mill and exercise bike in my garage - if i was pg should i cut down on what i do or is it ok to continue.

    I normally do 2-3 miles in morning on bike and 5 at night and power walking on the tread mill - this is 3-4 times a week

    Any advice appreciated
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