I got my BFP!!!! - UPDATE - The dream is over :(

Hi ladies,

I finally got my BFP on month 10!!! I couldn't believe it as the lines were so so so faint on a superdrug at 13dpo and 14dpo, and thought it couldn't possibly be but I did a CBD and got Pregnant 1-2. I'm so thrilled, but also very nervous.

Thank you all so much for your fantastic support, I really appreciate the time you've all spent answering my silly questions! Lol!

The only symptom I had (which I never knew was a symptom!) was EWCM at 12dpo. We only BD once this month so I never thought it would happen but i've never had EWCM after ov so something told me to test!!

Thank you all so so much. I wish you all the very best of love and luck and lashings of baby dust!

Amy xx


UPDATE: The pain and bleeding started through the night and the hospital confirmed that we had lost our baby on Easter Sunday. We're devasted as have been trying for so long and with the previous mc too. We really didn't want a huge gap so if we were to try again it would be soon, but hubby will be in Afghanistan for 6/7 months in March and i'm scared at the thought of him not being there, if I was to carry a baby to term image So we a lot of thinking to do now..

Thank you all so much for the congrats though, we were sooo happy and barely stopped smiling, but as my delightful friend says 'Everything happens for a reason' ARGH!!! Wrong thing to say! Haha!

Amy xx

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