is it just SEX????????

ok ladies if you have had breakfast then pleaes look away as i wont hold my self liable for any puke!!! hehe :lol:
right iv been on here reading about every1 for ages, iv been learning about all the symptoms that every1 gets and other than tender boobs as i always get b4 AF iv had nothing, now tho im getting mild non period like cramping, its ever so faint but its a little bit uncomfortabe but absolutely not painfull.....well the reason im mentioning it is because im due to test on the 10th july and my self and hubby have .....well lets just say, taken full oppertunity of BABY DANCING!!! and now in not sure if it was our vigerous attempt to concieve or a pregnancy sign??? help me!

i have never felt anything like this before and the only time i have is after sex because well lets say im small he is big but it never lasted days it was more like a couple of hours after, i REALLY want it to be a sign but tell me if its not please coz i wake up with it every morning and then its still there a little bit during the day as i walk around!!!!


  • I really hope this is a sign for you. I have often felt pains and cramps after sex, sometimes mild and sometimes im in agony. Good luck hun xx

  • oh thanks, i really want it to be a sign ...if its not then im ever gunna read too much into anything, my damn body plays tricks on me all the time any way so why im reading something into this i dont know!
  • Im not really sure hun! Lets hope its a sign that your bfp is just around the corner. xxx
  • with my first baby i had cramps and had no idea i was preggars until i was sent to the hospital. our bodies are a mystery thats for sure with my second i never had any symptoms so who knows. Lets hope its a good sign 4 u xxx
  • thanks, we were really on time this month with the whole ovulation thing so if im not which i doubt i will be then il just be annoyed!!!]
    oh well at least i can look forward to another month of fun trying with hubby!
    im due on 10th but if AF hasnt arrived il wait untill 14th as its my birthday and it would be a nice gift to get....we will see....xx
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