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still got sore/sensitive (.) (.) but no sign of AF yet!!

Hi girls,
as some of you know last week my boobies started hurting (they have only done this before a few days before I am due on) for a week now!

At first I got really excited as haven't had an AF in 9 months (due to PCOS which I am taking metformin for) but it hasn't arrived.
I tested using a CBD last Saturday and obviously got a BFN! But the boob ache just isn't going!
There sore when I put my bra on, sore when I move my arms and sore and V. heavy when I take my bra off!
The pain is on the outside of the breast, does anyone have any idea what it might be? or
Has anyone suffered with this before?

(I'm secretely hoping that someone tells me that the CBD result is rubbish and I'm definitely pregnant after 15 months of trying but please don't let this lead you, as I don't need any encouragement!)



  • Hi hun

    Have you tried testing again?? especially as AF is late, have you been to the docs and asked them to do your bloods??

    Good luck

  • Tested again today this time on one that measures 15miu rather than the 50 of CBD but deffo a BFN - not even a hint of a line! I think I'll hold out and see if AF arrives this weekend, if not I'll make an appointment to see the doc!
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