YAY!!! i am now officially in a cycle - 33 days!!

whoo hoo never thought I would be soo happy to be in agony!!! especially happy as thought lap and dye last week would have delayed things...but nope - she's here!!

fingers crossed BFP comes soon, i'm getting a little fed up now

baby dust to everyone! xxx


  • yay thats great news, hope july is good month for you xx
  • Whoohoo! I'm having a good day too - see my post about going to Drs. xx
  • oooh baby B thats great news! I'm sure the next month will fly by and you'll have results before you know it! i felt loads better once we'd seen our consultant for first time - so much so my AF arrived the next day!! hahahah! xxx
  • yay! good luck for bfp in july hun xxx
  • No way!! That's really funny!
    Hopefully today has relaxed me enough to kick my body into oving.
    At least we haven't had to go private either as now I have to wait for my next cycle it is no slower on NHS anyway. Although hubby and I said if the nhs wait for treatment is long after diagnosis then we will go private for that. Am going to jsut concentrate on the diagnosis stage for now though. Sods law it will come back that I don't have it and then we will be stumped.
    NO - mustn't think like that!
  • that sounds like a plan Baby B - and dont forget PMA PMA PMA!!

    i actually think my afs are in tune with my consultant as it's happened twice now!! it's is funny...just pleased they are back!

    baby dust! xxx
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