Symptom spotting! officially in my 2ww - I think (didn't get +ve on ov tests I was using but bd'd when had ewcm). AF due 14th - 17th July (have irregular cycles so never sure!)

Over the past couple of days have got a 'heavy' feeling in my tummy and feel a bit shaky and ever so slightly sick - could these be signs?!! Or more likely to be signs I am getting nervous about testing. Have had to try and shed my poas addiction which got out of control last month!!!!

Babydust & PMA to everyone on their 2ww (in fact, everyone who is trying - have lots spare today!)


  • *grabs spare babydust*

    I hope they are signs!
  • i'm on 2ww too (and therefore clearly symptom spotting)! hope they are pg signs hun!!
    good luck and lots of pma/babydust to you as well xxx

  • Af due on sat and definatly been symptom spotting hoping its the real deal! Always say i wont symptom spot every month but always end up doing it! Fingers crossed for you! Good luck xx
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