1st Time Ever

....that I have poas but was rewarded with a big fat bfn! :cry: I really thought I was in with a chance this month. But obviously it was not meant to be. God why does this have to be so hard?

On another topic - I was asking my sis about dating my af as last month I had spotting for the whole week before hand and then a really heavy flow the full following week. I asked her cause she has just recently (successfully) been through ivf treatment and is so in tune with how her body works I thought she could advise me. She is also a nurse in the scbu. Anyways, what I'm getting round to is that she thinks it may have been a very early miscarriage last month. Although it is only a possibility. This has floored me somewhat, I had thought if I had been pg then surely I would have known and would I not have suffered pain during the bleeding?

The whole thing has only made me want my BFP even more. My oh was great but did have to mention that if it was a miscarriage then at least he knows his swimmers are working. (this comment comes from the fact that bil has an extreemly low sperm count and I think oh worries about that side of things)

Anyways, sorry to go on and on, just thinking lout loud really :roll:

J xx
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