excited beacuse....

its our first offical month of TTC!!

sooo excited! hoping il ov the same time as i did last month (around CD23) as H2B wont get back from his stag do until im on CD 15 so if I ov when you are "supposed" to on CD14 then we will miss it this month!!
aghhhh still have 2 weeks to wait until we can start "properly" BD'ing- how will i stop myself going mad?!!!!!! :roll:



  • aghhh just realised I have 3 bluddy weeks until we can start BD'ing properly if my cycle was the same as last month! aghhh!


  • Hi susanlee oh i know what you mean the wait is terrible isnt it. Can i ask please how u got to sve that counter on bottom of ur profile,i set one up but dont know how to save it to my name...
  • You can't save the ticker to your name!! You need to save it on your computer somewhere and then copy and paste it everytime!
  • susanlee - just wanted to send you lots of babydust. think of it as 3 weeks to practise!!good luck hun xx
  • You can fall anytime before during and after - so day15 could be fine!!
  • hi full-time-mom as Immense says you have to paste it in every time- its a bit annoying but I just save it to my "info" bit in my profile (top left hand side of this page) and then paste it in when i need it!

    haha yes we will be practasing as soon as AF leaves the building!! :roll:

    so say for instance i ov on CD 23 again- when is the best time to BD??

    I hear so many storys of "2 days before or 1 days after or when u get a pos on an ov stick" that i just get confused!!


  • hi susanlee
    its a good idea to BD much as possible from CD 18 to 25 if you ov again on CD 23 as the little swimmers can last upto 5days inside you and you still have chance to catch your egg upto 24hrs after actual ov. I would BD every day around that time but some say every other day is suficient! You have a good a chance as any BD from CD15 as you would ov after this if your cycle is 36days long.
    good luck hun xxx


  • Thanks Fiona86- well at least h2b will have something to look forward to when he gets home! hehe!!


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