Bitter-sweet CD1

AF hit me full force today ladies. Completely unexpected, not due on until Sunday. It's a bit depressing seeing as I've had so many symptoms this month image bbs are STILL sore and as far as I can tell it has sweet FA to do with AF because they've been sore for nearly 2 weeks now and I don't usually get sore bbs anyway.

I'm a little bit worried because the OH and I had sex this morning and as I orgasmed (sorry, TMI) I got a really intense cramp in my stomach...I had to stand up to try and stretch out of it. Since then I've been cramping all day and just knew she was coming (I was in a FOUL mood - classic AF symptom for me)! You don't think that this could have damaged any possible bean do you? I'm maybe just being paranoid but everything just felt so different this month. I was fully prepared to do a sneaky test tomorrow morning before she pounced. Biatch.

On the plus side if this is just natural AF then my cycle's shorter image. My last 2 have been 53 days, this one will have only been 46 which makes it a whole week shorter. Also means my shortest cycle in over a year which is positive!

*Sigh* I knew I'd get my ruddy hopes too high!

Oh well, CD1!!!!



  • oh hun, what a biatch! sorry she got u, if its any help i have strong cramps during sex just before af has arrived in the past, think it must be to do with everything being more sensitive. glad ur cycles r getting shorter, sorry it wasnt ur month, but need to think positive now hun xxx
  • Thank you Princess A, I'm more positive this morning! CD2, woohooo! Haha seriously though, in a brighter mood today. In hindsight she's been on her way for a few days...I was ridiculously emotional on Monday and I usually have a day like that right before she attacks. Joys!!! xxx
  • Aww I really thought your signs were good this month- sorry to hear af arrived but as you say, at least cycles are early and can start again sooner than planned x
  • Well I got another BFN this morning! I would rather af, wish she would hurry the hell up, I just want normal cycles!!!!! Pleeeease! X
  • Sorry the witch got you this month Tinkerbell - but your PMA is shining through re your cycle - so well done you!!

    PrincessA .. it's not over til she shows her ugly face hun - stay strong - you aren't out yet!

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