What should I do???

Hi everyone, Hoping you'll be able to give me some advice.

Im 3 days late! Have a regular 28 day cycle had a miscarriage in Feb and have had 2 af's since both bang on the 28 day mark.

Had increased cm before af due felt a bit nauseous on and off and had a pain under my armpit.

Should i test?? Im so scared after what happened the last time, part of me wants to test but im just so terrified!!!!


  • Sorry to hear about mc. I imagine it is difficult testing again after something like that but... you'll have to find out sooner or later so I suppose you should ask yourself if limboland is better than testing???

    Good luck and fingers crossed for you.

  • Thankd DG, its a good point about limboland! x
  • Hi, i agree with deputygibbon, its better to know one way or the other. I really hope you get a bfp after what youve been through. all the best xx
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