Any Clomid Buddies???

I'm on day 7 - this is my first month of Clomid! I'm getting the hot flushes get - nice!!!

I'm on 50mg - and so it's just a game of wait and see at the moment - to see if it makes me ov!

Just wondered if there were any others out there on it - or is it just me and Jphuk???



  • Hi MummyWannaBe,
    I wish i was, i really don't think that i am ovulating. Hope you get your BFP this month. GOod luck.
  • I'm on CD17 and this was my first month on Clomid! I have no side effects at all (yet). I'm on 50mg also and my line darker on opks this evening bit not quite as dark. So as tomorrow is 9 days after tablet hoping to ovulate then!! Hope we both get our BFP's this month.
  • Hi Mugwia, that sounds good! I am going to start using ov sticks tomorrow - I was going to start today - but my af only finished yesterday - so going to start tomorrow - plus the things are cheap so I can't be wasting!!!

    I hope you get a BFP this month - fingers crossed for you - and keep me updated!

  • Thanks MummyWannaBe. I will keep you updated. My opks tonight is fainter so I think I will have to take that it was +ve yesterday ?? as today is day 9 after last tablet. Actually I have two side effects - lack of cm (which normally plentiful) and bad ovulation pains (well presume its that!!) I hope you get your BFP too this month xx
  • Hi

    I'm also on 50mg Clomid, this has been my 1st cycle, Day 22 today, had my bloods taken yesterday and go back to my gynae on 20th May, yesterday I started getting cramping/twinges so think AF is imminent!!!!

    Den xxx
  • Awww well it's not over til the witch arrives - do you know if you ov'd? Have you poas yet - or are you going to leave it a bit longer!

    Take care and hope you get a BFP soon!

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