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6&7 dpo cramps

hi all well had cramps yesterday quite bad and had some today but mild. if this was implantation when would be good to test???


  • hi bev, hope it was implantation for you hun.

    When the embryo (blastocyst) is ready, it will nestle into the womb or side of the uterus. At this moment of implantation, pregnancy has officially taken place and the placental tissue begins to secrete the hormone hCG. Implantation may take place as early as a handful of days after ovulation or well over a week. On average, one can expect implantation to occur about seven to ten days after you ovulate.

    Signs of implantation are few: Unlike pains associated with the release of the egg (mittelschmerz), there is seldom any kind of cramping or physical awareness that implantation has taken place. In fact, the first sign of implantation may be a positive pregnancy test!On the other hand, some women do experience what is called implantation bleeding, a very light spotting that may occur just shortly after the embryo implants in the uterine lining of the womb. Again, this spotting will be very light, won't last more than a day, and will be typically brown or possibly reddish in color.

    Good luck! x
  • Hi, i'm new to this site

    I had the same thing recently. Now i feel sick for a lot of the day, i have lower back cramps sore boobs! Only got a week to go until AF due. as much as i'm wanting to test i'm willing to wait... Sick of getting BFN..

    Good luck
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