2 week wait symptoms, anyone?

I just thought id start a 2ww post to help pass the time and to take my mind off my own 2ww!! :\) Well im 2/3 dpo and feel completely normal! :lol: No symptoms to report!!!! Ok whos next?? xx


  • hey debbiemc

    im 6/7dpo and apart from the odd crampy feeling, also feel normal
  • well im 12 dpo and i *think* i got my bfp today...and i have no symptoms at all...i still dont think im pregnant though
  • Hi kels124, the wait is awful isnt it? Ive been googling 2ww symptoms and cervix position already, im going to drive myself completely mad!!!
    Not too long before you can test though! Good luck im keeping everything crossed for you xxx
  • OMG Aeris, thats fantastic news, congratulations!!
    I have already got 5 children and i never had any signs or symptoms of pregnancy until i was 6wks so dont you worry it is quite normal xxx
  • Hi Debbiemc

    Im on 6DPO, on day 4 & 5 I didn't feel great. Woke up with high temperature, dizzy spells, and generally sicky, my boobs were much fuller and tender. However I feel -normal' today, a few cramps, but nothing to shout about. I was actually a little excited about feeling like this, but my pma has vanished now I'm feeling -normalish' again

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  • Hey, I'm in the 2ww too. Not sure when I ov but have very regular 28 day cycle. Now on cd 19 but sure hubby and I will keep at it anyway...
    No symptoms.

    I'm sure it's not our month but struggling with having to wait for next month...

    Do you use opk, or temperature or anything to know when you ov? x
  • Hi im 10 dpo and i started to get pinky then brown cm yesterday so fingers crossed its an implantation bleed and have sore (.)(.) and ive just had a meltdown on the phone to my dh for no reason!! poor thingimage.
    Good luck everyone!!!!
  • Hi liannemg, oh no, you must have been very excited having those early symptoms!! Dont give up hope though, as i said earlier i never had any symptoms until 6wks with any of mine, pma, pma. good luck xx
    Hi vass, you probably ov some where between cd12-14 roughly. Why not keep on bd, its not just for baby making!! lol.
    I do use opks and i also temp. I never get a clear + with cheap opks but allways get a smiley face with cb. Good luck, not long to wait now xxx
    H mummy.2.5.,It sounds very exciting for you, they are all positive symptoms. Your poor hubby, im sure he will forgive you especially if you get a bfp!! lol. Good luck hun xxx
  • debbiemc, thankyou sooo much u have just risen my pma a little by saying u had no symptons image xxx
  • Good for you, its pma all the way now!! xx
  • Thanks debbiemc, you're right and we'll keep at it anyway.

    Are CB the best opks? Thinking about maybe trying them, or even smep next month...but hubby wants to avoid the 'scientific' approach. It's still early days. X
  • i am 3/4 DPO and already symptom spotting! i went to bed at half nine last night i was soooo tired!! prob not even related :lol: last time i had really sore boobs and tiredness, the wait is killing me!!
  • Hey girls, I am due AF in 2 days time and I have major symptoms if I aint preggers I am off the the docs to find out whats wrong with me:

    I have:
    Blotaed/full tummy
    Achey boobs
    Sensitive nipples
    Feeling of sickness
    Mega high temperature
    Cramps - quite moderate now

    Also oddly I haven't had any PMT which usually rages for me the week before AF is due

    I am soooooo hoping AF stays away x
  • Hi Debbiemc
    Thanks so much for the pma!!

    Lets see what happens xxx
  • Hi vass, its worth trying the cheap opks because they do work well for some but try a cbd as well alongside just for 1 month and see which you prefer. With the cheap ones and also a lot of the others you have to judge if the line is as dark as its going to get or not but with the cbd the smiley face tells you what you need to know! I know its not good to keep secrets but ive never told my huby that i use them, ive never wanted him to feel under pressure to perform! lol. xx
    Hi piggypops, i knew you would be here!! lol.
    Its all sounding good hun, im keeping everything crossed for you. xx
    Hi emsypops, blimey your list of symptoms sounds very positive and only 2 days before AF so not long to wait!! I bet you are desperate to test, i know i wouuld have done by now!! lol. You must have loads of willpower! Good luck xx
    Your very welcome liannemg, im keeping everything crossed for you ladies xxx
  • Debbie I am actually not that bad thinking about testing as me and hubs always said we would wait at least a week after AF was due before we did a test...I guess in a way I am thinking my body is just fooling me and AF will appear, I have had symptoms for the last 2 weeks and we only started TTC on the 27th June so I keep thinking it is way to early for anything to have happened, saying that though we have been BDing almost everyday, only missed 3 days since the 27th June and we've tried lots of different BDing moves hee hee so maybe one of them has paid off x
  • Lmao, what are you like emsypops? lol. I think its a good idea to change moves, at least it prevents bd from becoming a chore! Good on you for not giving in to testing early, it only causes heartache when its a bfn so why put yourself through it!! Im looking forward to reading your bfp post in a couple of days xxx
  • Eeh god that last bit of your post made my heart go all a flutter, I so hope I can post some happy news in a few days time image x
  • Awww bless you hun xx
  • OMG somebody stop me!!!
    Im now looking at the free tarot readings online to see if there are any hints that i might be pregnant!!
    Ok i think ive already lost the plot!!! lmao xxx
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